Should we ban the use of animals in sport and entertainment?

Asked by: rainbowland
  • Stop using animals for stuff we can do on our own

    Just imagine if you were that animal i don't think you would like that very much, Right? Animals have never done anything to us and all we do is torture them come on we a are better than that. This makes no sense leave these poor innocent animals alone. We can entertain ourselves.

  • Its not who they are

    Animals deserve more than just confinement and abuse. Being trained for the Purpose of launched into Sports and to entertain human is clearly not their natural habitat. Humans are more able which means we can understand things better and that we have the power to bring a change which we are failing to bring.

  • It is bad

    Animals are afraid, And we just don't see it. A bull in a bull fight, Is afraid of the person in the stadium with him. The bull has no choice but to fight, But ends up losing and killed by his foe. Places like sideshows, Where children can go and touch an animal is just as bad. The animal is afraid with all of the people touching him/her. It can spread a disease to the animal, And could kill it. Please, No more animal entertainment, And show the people what is happening.

  • This should be banned

    Animals captured in a concrete tank or cage will end up chewing concrete, Banging their heads and go into depression or boredom
    And most places don’t even have a good environment. Like willy after the movie, When they try to bring him to the wild once more, He knew nothing about how or what Orcas do, Think, Speak or hunt. Which will cause a problem, Because we can’t just put them back again

  • Because animals aren't used for entertainment there for loving and caring for.

    Animals are a fun and crazy! But also many are very yound and cute and they need food and love. Not just racing and getting 1 meal once a day. They deserve better and need better if you can't love your animals then you don't need them for entertainment so.

  • Stop to treat animals badly

    In ancient time the animals will be kill by humans for their enjoyment but in today peole first treat them like a friend but after some time they saw their real face and beat the animals to entertain himself and when they feal bored humans kill the animals for their fun. I want to say only that the use of animals talent is not bad but to tr7

  • Animals have feelings too!

    Putting animals in situations where they are scared and frighten is just unjust. I believe that it should be totally banned because when you enter animals in a situation where they aren't in their happy space. Steve Irwin fought for animal rights and his family is carrying on with his mission. Here is a quote that everyone should think about- “It never ceases to amaze me how cruel some people are. Do you think people would be so merciless and torturous if fish and sharks cried like babies when they felt pain? ”- Steve Irwin.

  • It should not be

    Horse and dog racing does not cause a lot of harm to animals and so long as the animals are well looked after and are not treated horribly it should be fine. I do not agree with bullfighting, However.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 That should be enough

  • Animals are not toys

    To train an animal (human is also an animal so we know how it works) means to program it, Often using some painful methods. I think that even "kicking" horse or using curb in it's mouth, I can't comprehend it.

    I believe we evolved enough after so many thousands years of existence that we can try to live in peace with another species if possible. Animals that are used for sports and entertainment should have never been used this way. Should be free and protected.

    There are different ways to get the same feeling/adrenaline or whatever we crave by doing or watching such thing.

  • It should be banned

    Animals today are still a huge part of the sport and entertainment industries. Cultural traditions such as fox hunting and bull fighting, as well as horse and dog racing in the sporting world, not to mention animals performing tricks at circuses, are all examples of how we take advantage of animals simply for our own entertainment.

    Opinion has always been divided about the way we treat and use animals for food or to test products but their involvement within our entertainment industry seems to have been overlooked.

    Let’s think about bullfighting, the Spanish tradition between one bull and one man. It has been a popular sport in Spain for many years and is considered a normal activity just like going to watch a football match. In Spanish culture it is a symbolic and respected event. On the other hand, some people believe the way the bull is treated is distressing for the animal. The matador, the man who fights with the bull, will taunt and eventually kill the animal. Is this an acceptable form of sporting entertainment?

  • As a rule, no.

    I hate the idea of keeping an Orca in a tank to do tricks for a crowd. That's just a cruel thing to do, even if the Orca isn't 100% aware. The idea of traditional bull fighting is pretty nasty as well, but seeing that it is a tradition I would never deny it to a culture that has been doing it for hundreds of years.

    As for National Geographic, and the like, those programs are excellent and I see no real problem with them.

  • It's fine to use them as long as humans take care of them, even better than they take care of themselves.

    Animals in sport and entertainment. Now tell me if I am wrong. I am quite sure that zoos are mainly for entertainment. Sure the animals do not run and jump through hoops. However they are there for entertainment by viewing them. Even if it is educational. The animals are caged. No matter how big their holding is made. It's never as big as the real thing.

    Then we have documentaries. Again , documentaries as much as informative are created for entertainment purposes. Steve Irwin wrestling with alligators. If any the animal killed him not the other way round.

    Oh and let's not forget pets. No way of denying that pets are for entertainment. Now one could argue that they are taken care of. Watched after and so on.

    Well....Animals in tv shows, animals in zoos....They all are watched after. Horse races. Those horses are pampered beyond any imagination and wild horse. Water in a moments notice, food regularly on time. Sure it has to wear that pesky harness but are you sure the horse doesn't enjoy galloping for a while?

    In essence, animals under humans in general have a better life. Unless you are poultry then you are screwed. However as an animal bred/ reared for sports. It in most cases gets pampered well. Unless you are in some country with no functioning animal rights.

    Entertainment wise. I am sure you would like your kids to know what a wild animal looks like without having to actually throw them in to the wild.

  • Dogs were bred to do this

    Dogs almost always are not trained to hunt, Point, Retrieve, And many other things. It is genetics, Retrievers almost always will love to retrieve, Herding breeds will almost always herd, Terriers will almost always love to hunt and catch game, Pointers will almost always point. Even if these animals aren't used in hunting they will display these traits because it is genetic. Banning the use of dogs in hunting/sports is taking away something these dogs thrive on and could potentially ruin peoples careers.

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  • Life is lovely

    The safety and betterment of an animal should be paramount. Intentionally hurting an animal is a bit much for me personally. Some animals are bred for a specific task. Obviously, Everyone has different likes and dislikes. So if one can respect another, Then the rest of the pieces of the puzzle should fit.

  • Horses horses horses

    If horses did not enjoy jumping/racing/eventing/rodeos, They would not perform their best and would fight back. When horses do this usually, USUALLY, Their owners change the sport they are doing. In the wild then run and they race and they jump. Yes its different, But cow ponies enjoy the cows, Puissance horses love to jump. So why keep them from doing it? !
    Many other animals though do not get treated as well but at least some-like horses- are cared for and loved (unless the owners or trainers or riders are shit and don't know anything about them

  • We need cows

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  • Some love what they do!

    Sporting events, Such as dog sled racing, Involve dogs that are capable of running for miles.
    Anyone who works with horses can ensure us that the make sure that their horse is healthy and happy, Or they wouldn't be at their best when racing or jumping etc.
    These animals love what they do, And dogs for example, Were bred for it. Why would you want an animal to stop doing what it loves? And horses in the wild race each other naturally, So why stop that either?

  • Should not ban animal sports

    There are many people who make money off training, organising events, and it makes up a big part of some countries' culture. Many animals are bred for certain sports like greyhounds and racing. What will happen to all those animals that have been specifically bred for those sports? What happens to all the people that make their living off raising animals and helping out at events such as Olympics, Melbourne Cup, and shows.

  • Loss of sport

    Most sports will include of things or inclusion of animals which brings me to say that their are laws protecting them, and do we want finance benefits to poor our country's? No. And the benefits from money and enjoyment are okay. The animals are looked after anyway and the human race is classified human so if you want sports gone with animals then say goodbye to healthy living creatures people!

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