• It would even out the field

    Maybe if we didn't have bombing it could create more fair wars. Bombing give people the ability to kill on mass scales with ease. This includes chemical bombing, conventional bombing, or nuclear. An example is how the US used napalm bombs in Vietnam, which still effects veterans today and the Vietnamese it also allowed mass killing from a plane. Another example is in WWII how cities were demolished from the use of bombs. If they were banned there would be less damage with horrible consequences as the destruction of cities or the mass killings of populations, or the after effects of bombs. Bombs do lasting damage to whatever they hit. They are not morale, in my opinion if we sent soldiers and whatnot there would still be a war but without all of the destruction of bombs. Bombs can easily be too easily used, like in Syria where they used chemical bombs on their own people or how other leaders have bombed their own people, like gadafi.

  • Not The Answer

    Bombing a location is not the answer. For example the bombing of Hiroshima, I believe it's called. Lives have been loss, the whole land destroyed, because of scientist and bombers. That's in the past, when looking into the future there shouldn't be any bombing of places. There is always of chance negotiating and advert even the threat of bombing. Of course bombing should be banned overall.

  • Bans do not work

    It is no surprise that do-gooders want to ban bombs, but a ban only works if EVERYONE likes and approves of it. How many of you think North Korea would abide by such a ban? Or Pakistan, or almost any nation in the Middle East..... Not many people are stupid enough to believe a ban on certain weapons will work, but for those who do, they should re-take high school history and listen this time.

  • The progress of science

    We need the ability to set off bombs for the sake of scientific experiments. Not on Earth. We don't want to radiate people. But scientists should set bombs off on the Moon in order to study the physics.

    We want interstellar travel and better more efficient energy sooner rather than later. We need to let scientists do their work. There is a great deal of things that can't be tested on the Earth, and so we need to start doing more experiments on the Moon.

  • Do you honestly believe that everyone will abide?

    M.A.D -- if you fire at me, I'll fire at you. But, if I had abided by a 'ban on bombs', you would threaten to fire me and there would be nothing that I could do. In other words, if I said 'no' to your proposal to have half of my country's G.D.P go towards your country's, and if I had no weapon, I would be at the mercy of you.

    Besides, just because something is banned doesn't mean that people won't use/do it.

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