• It's a terrible app

    TikTok is an obnoxious, Data-stealing/misusing app that cringey ass f***ing teens/kids use. The videos on the platform are never good, A majority amount of people on the internet hates it, As one of those people i want this app gone.
    This app is a f***ing mistake and if you enjoy this app, Then so are you.

  • If you live your children block this site even if it's not banned.

    Too much toxic information floating on this app. All the short clip images are overwhelming to that adolecent brain and they cannot process everything they see thus creating anxiety. Security risks are real it's been banned in other countries already. No checks and balances when it comes to age appropriate content. Also why has society come to accept the practice of airing your dirty laundry on social media. Some things should just be kept to yourself. Especially teens who post very private info. Further you have teens with mental health issues posting to an audience for attention and in doing so are giving other teens the idea that they are some sort of experts at knowing what it means when teens have issues. They only report one side of things. It's all done in the name of getting attention and getting followers and any money they can collect. They get to say whatever they want whether it's ethical or harmfull etc. . .
    There big issues security, Ethical responsibility and mental health. This country needs to put better control on social media as a whole before we damage an entire generation of youth. Go back to using rim tech when blackberry was the best cell phone security we had.

  • Tiktok should be banned

    It is terrible and people do embarrassing things to atrract f ing girls this shitty app should be banned like immediatley as it is annoying and it just steals data and this app is pointless and u can't even connect with friends on it un like they claim BAN IT

  • Byte App Is Better

    Fun fact, They used to work on Vine.
    The app is less cancerous and more fun to use in my opinion compared to Tik Tok. The community on Tik Tok is just a treacherous, Toxic wasteland.
    Also Tik Tok collects your data, Because China.
    Their Chinese policies and other controversies are basically a Ticking Time Bomb.
    In conclusion Tik Tok bad.

  • It's just so annoying!

    On the youtube app, TikTok is LITERALLY the only thing I see ads for - nothing else. Not too recently, YouTube started to sometimes show you two ads before one video, And they're both TikTok ads. I am not making this up, And it's driving me insane! I have no clue what/if this has to do with my browsing history because I mostly watch gaming videos. Another reason this app's existence gets on my nerves is because literally half my family resides on this app now, And they're all over the place like "Look at this tiktok i uploaded of my dogs begging! " or "OMG look at this teen sneaking around the school when the lights are out! " I live with that bullcrap now, And I REALLY want it to stop. I'm currently a high school senior and last year I took a college class; my family on this f***ing app is a big reason I failed my college class - You might be thinking "Just close the damn door, You idiot! " but my sister apparently never heard about knocking and busts in while I'm trying to focus (I also work for the college's cafeteria at dinner time, She's also the reason I take all my business there for after I wrap up work; it's actually quieter than a library there after cleanup). So I am TOTALLY down for this app to be banned in the U. S. SO YES, PLEASE GET THIS APP THE F*** OUT OF MY LIFE!

    Tl;dr - It's annoying because of all the freaking ads, And my family doesn't leave me be about the latest tiktok trends or whatever crap

  • Yes, Ban TikTok

    People need to start spending more time paying attention to what’s happening in the world. Tik-tock is not a necessity. Tick-tock has already been affected by the Chinese government. We don’t want to buy it and we don’t want anything to do with it. People need to realize that there’s already a war going on without bullets, And the truth is the Chinese do not have our interest at heart. I understand many of these users are kids and don’t understand. If you’re under 25 you are a kid. Unfortunately, It won’t matter to people until it actually smacks them in the face and affects their daily lives. Just like COVID-19… If you never thought something like this virus could happen, You are just the type of person I’m talking about. Living in the dark. If you want to do what you to do on TikTok. . . Use the homegrown American app Instagram. If you still don’t understand, You’re like those people in World War II who sat by and watched Germany slowly leverage themselves into dominance in Europe. And after millions of lives were lost people were like how did this happen. It’s because too many people sat in the dark and didn’t take action till it was too late. People live in their little bubbles weightless reasoning on how important TickTock is to them. If you’re that good on TickTock use Instagram and they should follow you there. This is coming from a person who is a former Marine and come from a multi-generational families serving in the government. The Chinese throat real. . . And they are currently making strategic moves in every avenue you can possibly think of. Maybe it is time for America to get smacked in the face so some of these people were sleeping and wake the hell up and pay attention to what’s going on the world of Geo politics and support the existence you love so much.

  • Yes I think so

    Tik tok has been proven to be unsafe for children. Aside from the apps low security it has been proven that the app steals your data. Being a large social media site it is a hot spot for all kinds of bad things that kids can get into. We should either ban tik Tok or deem it only for adult use.

  • Cancer and shitty

    Tiktok is just full of crap! Shiitty dancing and full of bull****! Why is it i have to come across all stories on snapchat or ig about some imbecile dancing like a dancing carcass? ! What's so good about tiktok? I saw so many of them that i wanted to pull my eyes out. It's not just the lame dancing, But also it draws teens into exposing their bodies for the sake of tiktok?

  • Highly inappropriate and disgusting

    I saw my friends using Tactic and it's basically them doing a very clingy dance to a very clingy song, Often in their underwear! Just imagine an underage fuckboy dancing naked to a shitty song just to attract girls. Tactic is disgusting and inappropriate, And is convincing teenagers and youths to think that exposing their bodies or genitals while dancing is totally normal! What happens if pedophiles are there lurking? !

  • Disgusting app, Ban it now

    Encourages kids to do cringey, Sometimes disgusting stuff. This app steals your information and gives it to the communists over in China. This app is taking over the world, And must be stopped. Its already in schools, Workplaces, Companies, And homes. We must get it out of America before its too late, We must ban TikTok!

  • Tik tok is important to some people

    Tik tok is a fun app that loads of people love! Other creators would be very upset with the effort they pit onto their videos and it just gets take down! If tik tok was banned, Everyday wouldn't be as fine as it is now! Tik tok is some people happy app 🥺

  • No I think the think not

    I am seeing people around the world enjoy tik tok because it makes them happy. Taking tik tok would be taking part of their lives away. Sure you could always dance on other platforms but people ave built their lives on tik tok and you never know if they might be accepted on another. I know there are tik toks that are dangerous and harmful to the device used the people use but they wouldn't do it if they didnt know what they are doing. Please listen and understand. WE SHOULD NOT BAN FUDGING TIK TOK. If you have a problem with that do use tik tok period.

  • Don't ban it!

    TikTok has taught me more than school has. I don't see anything wrong with TikTok. . . The app in general has helped me grow into the teenager I am today. TikTok is a safe place to me! It brings me closer to teenagers like me & even brings me closer to teachers! It's very fun making TikToks with teachers too! :) I've made it to 19. 4k followers on TikTok -(itz. Damari). PLEASE LET'S NOT BAN IT!

  • No just no

    Can’t live without it’s literally my only source of happiness bruh. Life would be boring without it. Plus i need some excitement in my life, School is just shitty and gives me depression, Anyways stream walls, Heartbreak weather, Mind of mine, Lp1 and fine line. Have a great day lol.

  • No tiktok shouldnt be banned

    Tiktok shouldnt be banned in hongkong, Though the china government may hack into tiktok and spy the hongkong citizens and check whether they betrayed china, Its not hong kong’s fault, We just want freedom thats it. I know theres something wrong with us too but tiktok shouldnt be banned in hong kong, You should stop china from spying us and protect us, But not just banned hong kong. There is somebody enjoys using tiktok (eg. ME) and it might be the only way to relax for some people pls tiktok i am begging you don't banned it many people like using it we stan tiktok dances

  • We shouldn't ban TikTok

    I think there's nothing wrong with tiktok, It can be actually pretty fun, But it should be for kids over 13 years old. You don't have to watch it if you don't want to, But for some people it's just like the other social medias, Where they can express themselves.

  • Tik tok is not the best but one of the coolest apps made

    Kids learn cool dances off tik tok also the make new dance for other people around the world also adults love to learn it. But i have ahd tik tok when it was called musicl. Ly and yes i was only 6 my cousins even had and we bonded because of it so please please please don't ban tik tok.

  • Whether you like TikTok or not is irrelevant

    First off, Let me say that I am not on TikTok and I am not a big fan of TikTok. I find it rather pointless.

    HOWEVER. That is my personal opinion and I have no right to impose my opinion on other people's choices, Such as whether they want to make TikToks or not. The app has not breached any rules of the App Store or the Google Play store and is not criminal. Besides these reasons there really is no fair reason to ban it. You hate TikTok, Fine, But that is no reason to ban it for everyone who may enjoy it.

    For those who say TikTok wastes time and decreases life quality because of its time-wasting factor, We may as well ban every social media site and online platform and forum. But would you support that? Banning Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and maybe even Debate. Org? If you said no to any of those, Then it is logically inconsistent to advocate for banning TikTok. TikTok itself does not waste time, It doesn't glue people's fingers to the screen and say "YOU MUST NOT LEAVE OR I WILL KILL YOU. " No, The users themselves choose to waste time on it, And banning it would be unfair to the TikTok users whose lives have not deteriorated due to the app.

    You can be sick of TikTok culture; you can be sick of seeing those TikTok videos; but you do not have the right to ban the app.

  • Sadly, We shouldn't.

    I have been, And will continue to be, A strong opponent to TikTok. I absolutely hate the app, And I hate the culture it's created even more. But I understand and acknowledge that I'm in the minority.

    The first thing you should consider is that the majority of people nowadays like TikTok. It's everywhere now. I know that some of my peers are into it, And that's fine by me. This sort of relates to people thinking the election was rigged. If you don't like Biden, That's perfectly fine. But when you get the highest number of electoral votes, YOU WIN THE ELECTION.

    The second thing is, American society is capitalist. If you create a business, And are making a significant amount of money, Clearly you must be doing SOMETHING right. Even if just a small minority of people used the app, I'm sure it would still make money, And therefore it still has a place in the free market. Yes, They're a big corporation without much competition or regulation, But that's another story.

    So yes, I personally wouldn't care if it were gone. But I know you'd be pissing off a lot of people for a small outcome, If it were banned in the US.

  • Tik Tok is a cringefest, But that doesn't make it ban worthy.

    I personally find Tik Tok filled with garbage content. I couldn't care less about zero talent people performing poorly choregraphed dances or lip syncing to a tasteless song. However, That is ultimately my own opinion. There are many others who disagree with me and enjoy Tik Tok. If you don't like the content of Tik Tok don't use it, But don't impose your own personal feelings upon others.

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