• We should ban Trans from the military.

    W should ban them for these reasons:

    By being in the military/once being in the military, You rightfully get special honors, Or rights. Being transgender goes against morality, And therefore goes against just law. Transgenders should not have such privileges.

    In the military, We need strong, Men. Not effeminate men, Or women. If you are not able to fight, And stand a good chance in a knife fight, Fistfight, Etc, Then you should not join the military. Some might say, "Well, What about field medics, Intell, Etc. " To that I say, Strong men, Fit for the military, Are able to handle high stress sanarioes better than wemon, And effeminate men.

  • Why even ask, YES!

    These people are fucked in the head, 42 % is suicidal and not in a good way either as in they'd pull herioc deeds.
    ! 00% is mentally unstable, And i direct threat to their fellow brothers in arms you'd have these faggots snap and FF the shit out of their platoon.
    And they will likely be non hackers, And be able to keep up with the rigours of military life anyhow.
    When you talk about having gays in the army, Fine they probably can still fight like a man and suck dick. Apparently in some historical army gays were actually pretty fierce when it came to defending their brother in arms that happened to be a lover too.

    But back to trannies don't eve3n bother they're sissies, The only thing fierce is their fucked up mental instabillity.

  • Yes we should

    Personally I wouldn't find it comforting knowing that people who are supposed to protect me are mentally unstable. You reckon us putting those types of people into the military will be good? That's a joke. Its been shown that Transgenders have a higher suicide rate, So by the end of the year, We'll have none of them left to protect us. It being transphobic doesn't matter, What matters is the future of said country and the lives of its citizens. That's why a military exists. You'd have to install measures where only transgenders would be able to enter but wouldn't that cause a disturbance? ( and by that I also mean people with gender dysphoria) If you put them with women some will be uncomfortable, Putting them with men is disrespectful and making their own unit will cause a backlash.

  • Yes Of Course

    We need to keep trans out of the military, Seeing their asses in tight jeans jeopardizes my fragile masculinity. How am I supposed to shoot down enemy target when their distracting bodies make me furiously masturbate? Transhomosex would be so irresistible to our men in uniform that they would fling themselves into the front lines for even the smallest chance at being a sex candidate. And that is why they should stay back home

  • Yes, Yes we should.

    Degeneracy in the army? Are you kidding me? This should not even be a question! Of course it should be banned! And it will. I would have all trannies executed in my own Empire because i know they are perves looking to castrate young boys, Rape girls and force heterosexual men and heterosexual women to lay with them. Aw hell naw!

  • Yes absolutely should ban

    They will not fight as good as regular people. Also they will be a distraction to the other soldiers maybe even se xually. They will just be busy thinking about cutting their junk off to do war crimes like everybody else. If I was a recruiter I would say a big fat no to the trans

  • Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder. They don't pass the Psych Eval.

    I see you say the Military is for the Strong. Transgenders are weak. They are unstable with the idea of what they are. Giving them firearms is the worst way to "include them". It's not discrimination, It's cheating. You cannot cheat life. You were given what you were given for a reason. If your unhappy with that you must be thankful. Humans are all born the same. Your gender changes who you will become based on what you were given. If you are unhappy with yourself you need to know that you are you. You have no need to be different because you want to be. Gender dysphoria is a mental disease. The strongest minds will as the Psych Evaluation. The worst state of mind you can have is the lack of understanding of who and what you are.
    Transgenders I know often claim that their change is brought about by nature but the science behind nature does not support their claims.

  • They Are Proven Mentally Ill

    We do not need mentally ill people in our military. The military should be for honorable and stable men and women. It will degrade the meaning of the military, Which I believe is the democrat plan. Trans folks harbor hatred towards "cis" people (non trans), And they would not fit in with the tough culture.

  • I don't think they belong in a combat scenario, At any level.

    People in the military need to have strong minds. They need to be able to make the correct decision very quickly in a life threatening situation. The failure to make the correct decision can result in the loss of the soldier, The soldiers around them, Military vehicles, Secret technology, And more. Soldiers have to make many of these decisions. I wouldn't want someone who can't decide their gender to fight next to me in combat, As a reckless decision on their part could end up with enemy mortar fire heading my way. I think it would be like letting someone that doesn't know how to drive a car, Take to the sky in a plane. It doesn't make much sense, At least to me. Now, These people could be behind the frontlines, Manning equipment like radar and such, But again, In a combat scenario, This person with radar or whatever else equipment must be headstrong, As what they call out, What they track, Or whatever else they do, Can be the difference between victory and defeat, The loss of another allied soldier or the killing of the enemy's general. I think the failure to complete these tasks would be either caused by the lack of training for the soldier or uncertainty from a soldier. The former has nothing to do with the soldier themself, With the latter does. I just think that men and women should make up our military, Not those who cannot figure out which they are.

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  • What's the point?

    Trans people are just as capable fighters as cis people. If the ban is for the sake of protecting trans soldiers from physical or verbal abuse, Then there is clearly a bigger issue here. If the ban is to protect soldiers from being sexually abused by trans people, That’s profiling and it’s wrong. If a trans person feels called to fight for their country, By all means, Let them do it.

  • You need to look at the big picture

    I have the same argument for women in the military, Give them the same tests. Give trans people the same mental health tests and the same physical tests. If they pass the requirements then there should be no reason to just flat out ban all of them. Thats unjust discrimination if you ban healthy trans people out

  • Why would you

    I completely support LGBTQ+ rights so why can’t they be in the military, We could always use a little extra help, They got the same skills as a straight person so why can’t they? Discrimination is terrible! Discrimination IS A CRIME, Our nation would fall of they banned trans from the military

  • The military is for the strong

    Transgender people are, For the most part, People who were to weak to live the way they were born. The military requires strong individuals, Who are tough enough to survive in the circumstances that they are placed in; even, And perhaps especially, In the circumstances over which they have no control.

  • Of course not!

    I can't think of one reason as to why we should ban trans people from the military! It doesn't matter if they were born as female and male! They can be whatever gender they want to be! Those will be the people serving this country, Again why should it matter if they are trans or not? A majority of the people who said no probably haven't served this country so why are you complaining about the people who risk their lives for you ungreatful homophobes? ! Now if you disagree. . . Give me one good reason as to why they should not be able to serve this country?

  • I don't think so.

    As some of the people here are stating, Transgenders are human as well, So they deserve to be treated as if they are. Besides, Why do we need to disclude certain people for they sexuality/gender they choose to be, It's not affecting you is it?

    And aren't people of the military supposed to be focusing on how they can keep their countries/families safe?

    Saying that Transgenders shouldn't be in the military, Is kind of like saying you don't want females in the military as well, It's just excluding another gender if you thing about it. .

  • Completely transphobic actions

    They are human, Just as anyone else is. There is no need to ban someone from enrolling somewhere because of their gender. Many people are suicidal because of homophobic and transphobic comments like these. We need to be more supportive of those in our community, Whether we like them or not.

  • Why should we?

    Judging someone else is unnecessary. People still hate because their religion said so or because someone thinks differently than them. It shows a person has no morals nor respect for someone who is different which shows they are pathetic to judge someone else. Everyone deserves equal respect as the other person.

  • Why wood we hav to ban trains from military

    I like trains! Haha! Get it? It from the ASDF movies! Haha hahahaha. It’s funny! Seriously though i don't know why we need to ban trains from the militarys. Trains can carry cargo like the big nuke bombs we used a long time ago! Trains could be used to hit enemies against us! Why we ban them? That seems stupid (sorry for the bad word but it is)

  • Transgender people are people too

    I worked with a transgender person when I was in the military. They did their work the same if not better than most and that is what is cared about the most. If you support and ease the mission, Doesn't matter what you are.

    Also, The military isn't banning transgenders, Its banning the transgender process. That cost tax payers money, And during the process of transition they are unfit for deployment, Due to necessity of medical attention and drugs.

    If you are already transitioned you can join the military, If you're planning on joining the military then transitioning you can't.

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SamuelWH says2020-08-17T18:25:16.097
I accidentally voted on the wrong side. I meant to say yes.

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