• Sorta Ironic, isn't it?

    Here some people are in places like Syria, trying to avoid violence, death a constant nightmare, and here young children are, begging parents for games that promote violence to a horrific extent. How is the younger generation going to help prevent wars if they do not understand the true extent war can have on people? How are they suppose to help, if for them, war is just a game?

  • Games are a fake reality

    We can pretend to be a gangster or a criminal or a serial killer but in reality, we know that we just can't do those things. A game is an interactive visual story in which you can pretend to be a hero, or the cruelest person known to man. You can be anyone thin this world of games but that's just it. That is enough to satisfy me.

    Posted by: THZX
  • Where's the Line?

    No, we cannot ban violent media because no one can be the one that says what counts as "violent". Our entertainment should not be filtered by the government. It is our job to decide what is appropriate for ourselves and for our children. To place a ban on violent entertainment would not be constitutional.

  • Sure. Then we can ban Art and Literature.

    Why this wouldn't work:

    1. The law would be too hard to apply fairly and accurately in a consistent fashion.

    2. Those of the population who enjoy an Action movie (which is to say, damn near everybody) would be some pissed.

    3. It infringes on the constitutional rights of a US citizen.

    If you don't like violence, that's okay, luckily for you, the constitution gives YOU the right to plug your ears and sing, or, if you really wanted to, march in the rain for no pay and no good reason.

  • The debate over violence

    This is actually a subject I am interested in. Psychology claims that violent media increases the chances of violence in real life, organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association have been dedicated to denouncing all forms of violent media. But I disagree with these organizations (even with all their scientific research) for a number of reasons: 1) Violence pervades all forms of art. (Violence was around in the plays of Shakespeare, the poems of Homer, and the novels of Dostoevsky). 2) Violence, explored through fictional art, is a better path to exploring our nature. (Humans are naturally violent and if done in mature fashion, art can explore such irrational and barbaric parts of the human condition). 3) The research correlating real violence and movie violence is weak. (Lab studies have only proven that violence only increases levels of aggression in a fictional rather than realistic context and correlational studies in the field are flawed quite severely in their logic [See Christopher Ferguson's superb 2009 paper for more details or Jonathan Freedman's address to Congress in 1995]).

    I do agree with the opposing position on one point and one point alone: media violence should be exposed to kids gradually and with parental guidance/caution. I agree with the psychological institutions on this point, that certain kids can and might after viewing violent entertainment, may be predisposed to act that way. Also, even with mentally stable children, it is never a good thing to have a group of kids desensitized to the pain and tribulation of others. Clearly an early introduction to violent media can help foster this. The rating system is desirable in this case.

  • No way why?

    It's not games that envoke violence but the person.. For me I Often turn to destroying monsters on a hard difficulty to blow off aggression... If I couldn't slaughter monsters in a virtual world I'd be frustrated all the time I'm sure.. I dunno what genre of games your mostly refuting to but most games besides puzzles and casino games involve violence in some fassion.. I think if it were not for games the situation with rl violence would be much worse.. Games are a great outlet to blow off steam.. The type of game suitable for this varries from person to person. .. Some like fps some like platform I personally like the hack n slash type of like phantasy star online or universe cranked up on difficulty myself :).. I get the crap beat out of me and and fight hard without physically getting the crap beat out of me lmao..

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