• Yes, violent games should be banned.

    I believe that violent games should be banned. Our society is getting more and more violent, and I believe violence in media and video games are contributing factors. When kids play violent video games they are desensitized to violence. They don't understand the pain of killing an individual. They only think it's cool that they have shot down people.

  • No They Should Not

    Banning Any Type Of Video Games Would Violate The First Amendment, Because Video Games (Including Violent Video Games) Are Protected As Art Under The First Amendment.

    If They Ban Video Games At All Then They Should Ban This Newer Style Of Rap Called "Mumble Rap" (Or As I Call It "Mumble Crap", Because It's Not Real Rap), & They Should Also Ban "Death Metal" (Death Metal Is Not Metal & It's Not Real Music. Death Metal Is Just Demonic Growling & Screaming With A Beat Behind It), Of They Ban Video Games Then It Should Be Illegal For Any Illegal Immigrant To Protest, & It Should Also Be Illegal For Anyone With A Highschool Diploma Or GED To Protest. If Video Games Are Banned, Then It Should Also Be Illegal For Anyone That Is Against The Constitution, America, Gun Rights, Or The Military To Protest.

    Facts About Video Games & Gamers:

    1) Most Gamers Have Better Vision Then Non-Gamers.

    2) Video Games Releave Negative Emotions, & Help Most People With Mental Disorders

    3) There Is No Evidence Linking Video Games To Real Life Violence.

    4) Gamers Have Better Hand Eye Corretation Then Non-Gamers.

    5) Just Like Guns, Knives, & Other Weapons Video Games Do Not Cause/Inspire People To Be Criminals, Terrorist, Or Anything Else (Video Games Do Not Lead To Or Cause Real Life Violence) & Video Games Actually Decrease Real Life Violence.

    6) Video Games Improve Social Skills & Problem Solving Skills

    7) Gamers Have A Better Attention Span & Better Attention To Detail, Then Non-Gamers.

    8) Most Gamers Are Smarter Then Most Non-Gamers.

    9) Just Like Guns, Knives, & Other Weapons Video Games Are Not The Problem When It Come To People Committing Crimes, Or Terrorist Acts (If You Commit A Crime Or A Terrorist Act, Then You're To Blame. If You Commit A Crime, Or Terrorist Act An Inanimate Object, A Group, & Another Person Are Not To Blame It All Falls On You).

    10) You People That Think Video Games Lead To Real Life Violence Or Cause/Inspire People To Be Who They Are Then You Know Nothing About Video Games Or Gamers, & You're A Bunch Of Fucking Retards.

  • Why it's just amusements

    People are always going to be violent and games are just wayes to use that violence in worlds where you can be violent. Games also relief stress. Banning violent games is the same as banning violent movies, we don't want that either. In previous generations people also thought we should ban new platforms. Between 1950 and 1980 elderly people thought that we needed to ban certain programs on tv. Games are just the next medium.

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  • THE RATING SYSTEM! And why no ones complaining over movie!

    Take a look at the gta 5 box. Look at the bottom left. It says rated m for mature 17+. You would naturally think, I shouldn't buy this for my child. But nope you just crap all over it and say we should ban it. Watch Rambo. No one complained about that. There's a rating system. So if you see a game that is rated E for everyone, or rated T for teens, mabye you should buy it. Because let's face it, we have had wars, and it's part of our history. Okay? Games don't make people stupid. It's the stupid parent fails. If you are a parent that dosent want your son (or daughter) playing games like call of duty, and they are like 8 or somewhere under that, I can understand but really? Banning games just cause you think they will go on to kill people is more stupid that a drunk man on a late Saturday night. Gaming has been proven to show IMPROVEMENT (that's right concerned moms everywhere IMPROVEMENT!) in someone's life. Ranging from eyesight to reflexes and even puzzle solving skills in an exciting way! Politicians are going crazy over video games instead of helping family in poverty, starving children and not even helping homlessness. You don't see anyone going all crazy over rated R movies. They know movies have ratings but they don't take the time to look at gaming ratings? Concerned mothers I don't even know how much more stupid you people can get.

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  • Banning these games wont solve anything

    Even if we did ban these games, we would find something else to blame for the bad things that happen in the world. We as a species like to argue and blame things we don't know how to explain on easy targets, where the victim is the innocent gaming community.

  • Joining the army?

    At 17 years old you can join the army, and fight for your country. Using guns, and violence etc. So, kids under 18 cannot buy a video game which has violence, however they can actually go, and participate in violence in reality, rather than playing it through a virtual world? Does not sound right to me!

  • Violent video games aren't bad

    Some people say that violent video games are bad... But if I didn't play them I probebly would have killed several people by now. I understand were people are coming from hating on violent games... But the people who get influenced to the point were they kill somebody were brobebly already crazy.

  • M for Mature Rating is Enough

    Having violent video games with an M for Mature rating is enough. The rest is up to parents. Kids under the age of 18 can't even buy those video games in retail stores. If we ban violent video games, then we should ban rated R movies. If we ban violent video games, we should take down YouTube videos of crocodiles munching on unsuspecting zebras in Africa. Let's censor the evening news while we're at it. What constitutes violence is different to different people, so if we ban one violent thing we have to ban another.

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