• Ban the zoos

    Zoo should be banned because their enclosures are to small, they are forced to breed, animals get sick because of different climates and human handling, they get poked and proded, also over half of the animals are born in captivity and a few years ago a zoo admitted to killing monkeys because they were to dare to run and keep so they shot the monkeys and left them to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ban All Zoos.

    They are horrible. Animals should not be treated the way they are in zoos. They get crammed up in ttight spaces, and fed the wrong food. They survive WAY longer in the wild than in zoos. Animals should not be treated this way. Zoos are horrible, and animals should rome free.

  • ;lo ;p .Ll

    Is they take good care for the animals.As you know in Edinburgh zoo the pandas have had babies for all we know the pandas could be dead hunted and lots of animals would be dead what would you do if it was your children that was getting hunted would you just sit there. Cretan animals like the Scottish wildcat are breading well in zoos but in the wild they would die and they are only 400 wildcats left in the world
    They're hundreds of animals that are going extinct. So why would you want animals extinct. So, what if the zoo isn't the best in the world. At least the animals have a place to stay. Also over 500 million people visit a zoo a year. Now those of you who said no.

  • Zoo must banned ):

    Because animals should have freedom and have a chance to see the wild the zoo capture the animals and lock them in the little enclosure the animals feel sad being lock up as you people are happily in the zoo see the animals being lock up. You heartless creature this is not what the animals want those people who works in the zoo, please let the animals go.

  • Animals need freedom

    Yes, its fun for us to see all the different animals in the zoo, but what about the animals? We take them out of their natural habitats. I see people saying their fun to watch but that is for our own satisfaction, animals need their own freedom, they shouldn't be caged just because we want to look at them. THEY NEED TO BE IN THEIR OWN HABITAT!!!

  • Animals should not be kept in zoos

    The tiger for example it's a hunter they don't get to hunt there food Because the get fed on a schedule. It's not fair to the animals to be taken away from there family even if they were young. Zoo should be banned. Plus the animals should go back to there family's

  • Put yourself in the animals situation

    And then see if it sounds fair to you. You’re taken away from your home, friends, and family. Taken to a place you’ve never seen before where you’re kept in a prison like environment, the temperature and food is different to what it used to be and you have to make loads of new adaptations. You’re expected to have babies with strangers that you’ve never met before that are being imprisoned against their will to. You’re losing your survival instinct so you couldn’t survive where your home was originally so you have to be stuck behind thick metal bars for the rest of your life now. All this torture just so other creatures can poke and prod you, bother you, take photos of you, point at you, laugh at you and tease you. And we do tease and torment the animals in zoos and as soon as their survival instinct kicks in and they bite or attack adults or children, they are thought of as dangerous and shot. You should all feel ashamed for using animals like toys they have feelings just like us. Zoos may seem great to go and visit for a few hours, you see some interesting things then you’re free to go home. Back where you feel cosy and warm. Those animals can’t go home at the end of the day they are stuck there forever against the will. How could we humans be greedy enough to take pleasure out of this clear act of neglect?

  • They don't help people learn more from zoos

    Zoos are also considered to be essential education tools to help raise awareness of wild animals to children and adults alike, however, people gain little, if any, true understanding of wild animals and their natural behaviors and instincts through visiting these institutions. You can learn more from watching wildlife documentaries that observe animals in their natural habitats, or if funds allow, by taking an expedition to see them enjoying their lives right where they belong, in nature! Also, animals behave differently in zoos because they are not the actual habitat of the animal, so you won't be learning the right information. On the other hand, documentaries do not disturb the animals so you can see the normal behavior.

  • Animals are forcefully taken from the wild

    In 2003, the UK government allowed 146 penguins to be taken from the Arctic. Judge, imagine youself getting forced to go on a seven day long boat journey. If you survived, then you would be given to a wildlife dealer, before being sold to zoos in Asia. This, judge, is what the penguins had to go through. Also, in 2010, Zimbabwe made plans to capture to capture two of every mammal species living in the Hwange National Park including cheetahs, lions, elephants, etc. in order to send them to Northern Korean zoos. Thankfully this was stopped by public pressure.

  • Surplus animals are killed

    A study by Captive Animals’ Protection Society found that anywhere from 7,500 to 200,000 animals are surplus at any one time in European zoos. Culling animals in UK zoos is a regular occurrence. In 2005, two wolf cubs and an adult female where shot dead at Dartmoor Wildlife Park ”due to overcrowding and fighting in the pack,” a year later in 2006, an entire pack of wolves were culled at Highland Wildlife Park after the social structure of the pack had broken down.

  • Zoos shouldn't be banned!

    Are u crazy!? ZOOS ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! They protect the endangered animals and then they release them to the wildhttp://www.Debate.Org/search?Q=Zoos shouldn't be closed
    I rather died then see a poor meerkart. Students will be offered places in good universities and have a well-paid career. So yeah! Umm

  • No, we shouldn't.

    No, I don't believe we should ban zoos at all. Zoos are a great place for families to go to and an excellent place for children to learn and see some animals up close that they wouldn't normally see. Zoos are a fun and safe place for kids and a good place for animals, too. We should not ban them.

  • No. Zoos should be habitats for endangered animals.

    There are many animals that have become endangered due to extreme hunting practices in other countries. Zoos provide a safe place to rehabilitate a potentially lost species, and preserve it for future generations. Once these animals are gone they will not come back. At least we get the benefit of seeing them up close. Zoos should be held accountable when negligence causes the escape of these wild animals, because no matter how beautiful and majestic, they are still wild animals with the ability to kill. As long as we have a Species preserved in a safe place, we can preserve the Species.

  • We should not ban zoos.

    We should not ban zoos because of the educational benefits we as humans receive from them. Most of the animals in zoos are very well treated and live much longer than they would in the wild. Being able to visit a zoo and see rare and wild animals is an amazing experience which should not be taken away from the public.

  • No, we should not ban zoos.

    This is a tricky situation, but there are a lot of good zoos out there. Zoo keepers raise some of these animals from birth and they would never know how to survive out of captivity. Zoos are also a good place to learn and study about different animals. Where many would die in the wild, they are given a chance to thrive in a zoo.

  • Zoo's should not be banned

    Zoo's should not be banned because people want to see animal's that live in certain part's of the world. And animal's have aid when they get sick or hurt. People who love zoo's would love zoo's to stay. Also to have the chance to see predator's without geting to close. That is why I don't like zoo's to be banned

  • Animals should stay in zoos and not be banned

    Zoos should not be banned because young children might never have another chance to see rare animals ever again unless they go out into the wild just to see animals you would be wasting a lot of money to fly or drive to the wild besides, zookeepers take very good care of their beloved animals as if they were their own children. And children in 20 years time they would ask us what is a zoo. That's why i think zoos should not be banned.

  • No, Don't Ban Zoos

    We shouldn't ban zoos because some endangered animals live there and are able to breed :). They're a great place for families to visit and they are educational too. If there was an animal that was extinct in the wild it might be kept in as zoo and children could only be able to see that animal in a zoo.

  • We should not ban zoos

    No, we should not ban zoos.

    This is a tricky situation, but there are a lot of good zoos out there. Zoo keepers raise some of these animals from birth and they would never know how to survive out of captivity. Zoos are also a good place to learn and study about different animals. Where many would die in the wild, they are given a chance to thrive in a zoo.

  • Don't Ban Zoos!

    Zoos educate people and can help breed endangered species. They allow us to learn about animals we don't know about, and how to conserve them. I do, however, think we should ban circuses. They mistreat animals and sometimes even hurt the animals. And at zoos, we can also stare at the animals in awe, because they are majestic.

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