• Tons of reasons we should be able to buy it!

    First of all, we should be able to buy it! Because it's a unique vehicle, and I am not joking! If you could buy it, I bet you would want one too right! The answer is obvious, it is yes! And by using the delorean time machine, it will show that the person driving it loves back to the future! So this is why we should be able to buy the delorean time machine!

  • Absolutely the best idea ever

    Its freaking time travel of course its a great idea. What could ever go wrong with a bunch of people shooting around time and space in a bad 80's car? Plus it might be the only way to get parts for your DeLorean. I still need a few more..... Words

  • Bad idea #321

    I know this is a stupid question, but time travel is dangerous, and it can destroy the world as we know it. The public should not have access to time travel because of its evil possibilities. It can be used for terrorism, and could unravel the space time continuum. Bad Idea

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