Should we be able to change our opinions on

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yeah, I absolutely think so.

    I think so for the same reasons that are listed above. There have been at least two occasions( I have not been a member long) that I have changed my opinion on a matter being discussed and wished that I could switch from one side to the other. I think it would be a benefit to have this option available to Debate.Org members.

  • We all Change Our Minds

    I think that we should be able to change our opinions. People on debate.Org debate different people all the time and different people have different opinions. Once you hear their opinions, yours might change it might not. All I'm saying is that sometimes we change our minds and we realize that we might be wrong or that you could take a different stance on something.

    Posted by: J4U5
  • Absolutely, we should.

    Yes. One should have the freedom to admit that one was wrong and change positions. If Mitt Romney and President Obama can do it, why not us? I do apologize for my lack of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Darn minimum word thing. LOLZ4Real, & word up. LOL again to fill the void.

  • People change their minds all the time

    I've changed my mind on plenty of things and wish I could change my opinions over to the other column. This would help to better reflect user's actual opinions. It would be a really useful tool for commenters if they could change what their opinion is on this or that question.

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