• They Should, But Know When is the Right Time....

    I Say Yes, But Under Certain Conditions:
    1: If the student has a health emergency and needs to go home immediately and if there’s no one who will call the student’s parents.
    2: If the student is responsible enough to only use it at lunch hour
    3: if there’s a serious emergency and there’s no phone in sight
    However, students shouldn’t be using the phones during class time.
    I find the schools to be a little harsh on this issue. If a student is having a tough time (bullying and other reasons) and the school nor students nor staff cares to listen, the student should have the right to use the phone to call home! In addition, students should be allowed to call their friends if they do it within the lunch hour.

  • To teach resonsibility!

    Students know they shouldn’t use their cell phones in school to play Angry Birds, or listen to music, or text their friends about the quiz they just took. Phones and tablets should be used responsibly and for educational purposes. Students could do research for English papers, or download an app that provides extra information on one of the chemical elements in the periodic table. When necessary, teachers could combat cheating by making students put their phones on “airplane mode” or any mode that will not allow them to send/receive any messages or use the Internet. Whenever there is a test, teachers can make students put their mobile devices in the front of the classroom until the test is over.

  • In case of emergency!!!

    If a student forgot his homework or calculator on the day of a calculus test, he could call his parents and ask them to bring it to school without causing a scene. In more serious emergencies, like a school threat or shooting, cell phones could help students connect with worried parents.

  • Yes they should

    If you ever had to take long notes now you dont just take a picture of it.
    We have laptops why not phones yes it may be risky but will definitely improve our learning environment . Seriously we need cell phones without we would go into another civil war .

  • Yes They Should

    They should because they are needed, think, can you spend 2 hours without looking at the time on your phone or playing a quick game of candy crush, or not texting your friends? Well, if you can't, kids cant for 7-10 hours a day, when they are at school. That is complete tourtoture

  • Yes, absolutely, we should be allowed to have phones in school.

    It's not like most schools don't allow cell phones anymore. In fact, many teachers encourage students to take out their phones to take a picture of notes with their phones if they don't get everything done or go and text their parents instead of using a school telephone. And it's just that. Imagine being that young, sitting in a classroom, and receiving a detention. You say you need to tell your parents so they know why you returned home late that day. Some people say, 'use the school phone of course', but texting or calling from a personal phone is much easier and less awkward. As a student, I find going to the office and using that phone to be SUPER stressful. I honestly hardly know how to use one, and you have all of those weird office people stating at you the whole time, and you're dealing with a big gray plastic brick to talk to your parents. And don't get me STARTED on using a phone in front of the whole class.

  • Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

    They should because there was an emergency with in your family or at school you should be able to contact not just sit there and do nothing. Duh!!!!! And your a parent you should care about if your child is okay when something serious is going on. Got it .

  • Yes, but not in use.

    If a teacher actually sees a cell phone on a desk or in the hall, then he or she should take it at least for the day. Cell phones can be in school because a parent would want to be reachable in an emergency, but they are not for distraction.

  • Always on call

    Students should be allowed to carry cell phones on their person in school and keep them as long as they do not provide a disruption during the class period. In between classes and during breaks, cell phones should be allowed to be used freely and at will. Sometimes parents may need to contact students during an emergency or vice versa.

  • Cell phones should not be allowed in school

    In elementary school most kids already have cell phones and you shouldn't even have a phone until you are maybe 13. Too many people nowadays have cell phones and it can be a distraction during class while some kids want to learn. If a cell phone rings it gets taken away, but students get it at the end of the day. Teachers think that they learned their lesson, but some students "forget" to check if it's off. 🤓

  • I hate phones

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  • Cells phones should be allowed

    I believe that students should have their cell phones in class because at one point everyone has to realize that cell phones aren’t going away the cell phones is becoming more advanced every day and I believe that the modern technology is something we the students should know. Not only do cell phones enable us to access the internet and other communication networks, but cell phones often provide applications like planners and other tools which can be used by use the students its learning right at our fingertips

  • We should not be able to have cell phones in school.

    We should not be able to have cell phones in school. The staff are the only ones that should be allowed to have cell phones in school. If we allow the students to do this then we are only creating another distraction for the teachers. There is also the possibility that they would loose their phones as well.

  • Not for K-12

    Once at the collegiate level, people may have enough responsibilities in life to need a phone in the classroom. Prior to that, they simply do not. The presence of the phone distracts from learning, which just adds it to a list of things that already distract from learning. It's not needed.

  • Cell phones should not be allowed in school.

    There is no reason for a student to need a cell phone during school hours, however, there are plenty of reasons why a student should not be allowed to have one. Cell phones, with internet access, give students ample opportunity to cheat on tests. Cell phones are also a distraction.

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