• Uniforms should be required.

    Remember your time in school? Kids are awful, and when given a chance, there is no end to the things they'll be awful about. But you can remove a lot of those bullying moments by taking away status items from them during school hours, and that includes fashion. Stick them in uniforms to keep them focused on the adult up front doing the teaching.

  • Making the students to be discipline

    Every school has to make a regulation for the students that they have to wear school uniform at school. Those kind of things can increase and even improve the discipline behaviour for each students. If schools let the the students to wear free shirts, it's possible for them to wear any shirts they want to wear, specially girls. The school uniform can also train the students how to make a good looking. And also, school uniform can also be the school's identity, it can differentiate one school with another school.

  • It evens the playing field.

    Not only does it eliminate many elements of bullying against those too poor or who don't care enough to wear the "right" styles of clothing, but it also eliminates any issues of inappropriate clothing. Teachers don't have to waste time and students don't have to be distracted by students (usually girls) wearing too scanty or inappropriate clothing because the students have a narrow range from which to choose.
    As for "creativity"- if you can't be creative while wearing a uniform, that's proof you aren't creative in the first place. Many of our great artists and entertainers went to private high schools that required uniforms, including one of today's known for innovation and creativity- Lady Gaga.

  • No we shouldn't

    We should have school uniforms because we wont be able to express our creativity. It starves our creativity. It makes the school look like there sad and depressed. Who cares about the bullies they just jealous of the clothes your wearing. It dont matter whos rich or poor. We need our freedom of expression!!!! HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!

  • Uniforms limit originality

    I've had to follow a strict dress code in K-6, just need to wear school colors, and now in high school; I only need to keep it sexually appropriate and it isn't gang related. I believe students should wear the third option.
    Our clothing express who we are. Shirts can have meaningful messages, but they're banned in most school because it's considered as a graphic shirt.
    My middle school made us conform to school colors. They were royal blue and crimson red. Some students, like me, have genetic issues such as color-blindness where they can't see the colors they have to wear.
    I agree that some kids wear clothes that can have inappropriate designs. Honestly, I believe that it's the parent's fault for buying his/her kid these clothes.

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