Should we be able to put down/eat furries like other animals?

  • They look pretty edible

    I mean I wouldn't mind eating one because they would just end up as my shit and that's what they already are pieces of shit, They should be cleansed with a burning fire that scorches the earth and births it anew this holy flame would be divine justice for all those costume wearing pieces of living trash

  • Yes. Yes we should.

    Since they wanna be animals, We should treat them like animals. These disgusting freaks should be put down and we should be able to legally eat them since they wanna be animals. Let's treat them how they should really be treated. All furries can go to hell. Treat them how they should be treated.

  • We must put furries in a school

    So that when the furries are bullied during school, They would suicide and the population would decrease at a constant rate. Or maybe some students might be interested in eating them since their what they call " I'm a cute little fox". They must be kicked out from this world or else, In the end, All of us would be disgusted by those douche freaks.

  • Yes we must

    I am going to make a campaign to legalize killing furries in the state of Virginia. I am going to get a bunch of people to protest in the streets of Richmond and I will send a letter to the Senate suggesting the legalization of Furry murder, Because they do nothing for our world but make it terrible. They ruin everything, And the law will certainly go into effect, As I know all the senate. It will become legal!

  • Furries should be put down and treated like slaves.

    I think furries are annoying and a disgrace to this world like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is like a furry or more than because he treats this world like a trash bag and uses slaves to eat pigs. These furries (failed abortions) are allowed to be put to death and trapped in a hole for the rest of their life since their trash bags like Donald Trump.

  • They are an overall disgrace.

    These uncivilized savages ruin our society. They pollute the already polluted enough Instagram and Snapchat, And a large majority of these furries are stupid Millennials that didn't do shit in school because they're fucking retarded. It's spreading down to Generation Z. In addition, If they really want to be animals, Then to ensure that they receive authentic animal treatment, Anyone should have the right to shoot them like any other regular animal. After all, Their biggest desire is to become an animal anyways, But they can't because they're too autistic to make their own "turn people into animals" potions because they can't fucking concentrate in school because they're fucking retarded. Because they are also an overall disgrace to our society, The people that condemn them, Like me, Can kill them off and eventually make all furries extinct. It should be totally legal, Too! Anyone should have the right to shoot furries and not be punished at all.

  • Fuck yes we should

    Furries are absolute degenerates. They are one of the biggest cancers in society. If they want to be animals, Let them but they also should be able to be hunted like animals. I can't believe how many people are saying no to this. Furries are toxic as fuck and should be put down.

  • I am only granting them their wish, To be treated like a real animal.

    Well these things say they are "Animals" and that God made a mistake. This is BS. God is all knowing. If you think you can hide your true self, That is blasphemy. He knows all. He is pure, Makes no sins, And no mistakes. On top of that, We can treat you how you want. In a cage, Being fed lots of food so we can kill and take the meat and skin (Leather).

  • A Cancer on society period.

    Yes furries should be put down as for eating I personally wouldn't touch these freaks of nature with a 10ft pole. They are degenerates who get off on abusing/torturing innocent animals and should be lined up and shot execution style. Maybe even air it on TV hell i'd pay for a subscription.

  • Furries are gay

    We should be able to eat furries because they want to be animals so we should have the right to put down/ eat furries. Furries are often autistic because they think that they are animals but they really are not they are just some autistic 12 year old who wants to be an animal and if they want to be a animal then they should have to go through what an animal has to, Et. Getting put down and getting hunted and eaten. And people who are furries are so autistic they should not even be considered human so that we could eat them.

  • No, Furries are human

    Furries were just a hobby for weird mentally broken people, But then complete retarded idiots ruined the hobby by making them look bad. If you want to put someone down, Put down the people who framed the furries. FURRIES FOREVER!

    Unless you're talking about real animals, Then yes, Duh. I don't care, I like food.

  • They're still human. . .

    We all, As homo sapiens, Have a right to live out our lives as we wish, As long as we don't disrupt others. Morally, Some of these life choices may be very "incorrect", But let's ask ourselves this;
    Are they hurting anyone?
    Do these people have an evil intent?

    The answer to both is NO so let's all just let them live life. I'm personally not in support but I haven't been dragged in by them or attacked by their cause so I'm just going to respect their choices.

  • Animal lives matter

    Even though we mostly eat animals from the food we eat that doesn't mean we should still be eating it. Like for example i have a cat, But it's not i would eat that. We should just create something that doesn't involve any animal skin. So don't eat animals they matter.

  • Its just a hobby.

    Furries are still people, But some make the fandom look bad. If you really don't like them leave them alone, Don't give them attention or you hate really turns into hypocrisy.
    There are many depictions of anthropomorphic animals in history, Some notable ones are Pan and Anubis
    Just leave them alone

  • Furries are also just people that have more fantasy

    The furry community is something that releases the fantasy of people, People who say its gay or they are slaves its something they choose to be and arnt bothering anyone. The negative words furries get are from non-furries mostly why i don't know. Also donald trumps isnt a furry eather he does not have a personal fursona. This is what i think but overall furries are getting to much negative comments for something they choose themselfs.

  • Furries may not be well understood, But furries are human just like us.

    Furries are just humans that want to be something they aren't. They just want to be able to be something other than themselves. I am autistic and gay, So don't use "tHeY aRe AuTiStIc AnD hAvE lIGmA sO tHeY sHoUlD gEt EaTeN", NO. Thats not how life works. If you want to kill someone for their beliefs you should be on the dinner table. I would personally perform the execution. Leave them furries be.

  • No they shouldn't

    Just let them be, They are just in a hobby that allows them to be happy and all you want to do is kill them and eat them for being happy, Something is messed up to make you think that it is ok to kill and eat another human that is doing a hobby they like.

  • That would just be cannibalism

    If you were to eat them that would just be straight up cannibalism, They are humans doing a hobby, That doesn't allow you to be a cannibal and eat them just because of their hobby of the furry fandom, Just go around the internet and actually do some research on the fandom

  • They are people

    They are people and they are just doing a hobby, People shouldn't kill then and then eat them, That is just wrong and messed up. People forget that it is a hobby and only want to put them down and TRY TO KILL AND EAT A PERSON. Just read about the truth http://whatisfurry. Org/

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