Should we be afraid of advanced robots living among us in the near future?

Asked by: hhazhn
  • Terminate the human

    Our evolutionary objective is to be productive. If we were to allow robots enter human society we would slowly become obsolete as we would be unable to compete in doing mundane tasks, and with the example of the computer becoming more powerful year on year, robots would also slowly become more productive and replace us in other economic and Idahoan tasks.

    The consequence? What will do with the humans who are non-productive? And what do we do when the robots become self aware and self created?
    The ramifications would be great on how we value money compared with production and how society functions as the value of production has always been measured by human input.

  • As Bender says it best, "Kill all humans!"

    To assist human needs then no. There is no fear in using robots as tools to make life easier. We already have advanced robots assisting us everyday. For example, smart phones.

    If you were referring to something like Star Wars General Grievous or the droids then yes. The same can already be said of the robot horse. Imagine that thing falling on you.

  • Unless you are reading a science fiction.

    The idea of robots becoming advanced enough to REALLY think on their own is laughable to anyone remotely involved in the field. It's only the people who read fiction and believe it think that the proposed situation is possible in the next couple of decades at least. While I do not disapprove of those who read science fiction, (such as myself), I do of those who don't understand that it is, in fact, fiction.

  • No of course not.

    Stop your hubris they can nevr be smart ever like us we have souls and not them unless god hates us and gives them souls but then we earned it for being heretics lol hubris pride vain greedy noobs. Hahahaha u stpud noobs lol ur all gonna be die and stuff cause the robots explode when you try to make them smart.

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