• We should be very afraid.

    Mother Nature is more dangerous than any terrorist attack. We see natural disasters decimate whole cities without any warning, killing several people in their wake and us powerless to do anything about it. The real threat to our safety is something we can't even see. Mother Nature is what we need to be afraid of.

  • We are part of nature.

    We were made to live alongside nature. Many people tend to deny it, but humans are animals made by nature itself. And we should never, EVER try to change or control nature to fit our needs and wants. Then we will be forced to be afraid of nature. Nature is for all living beings, not just for us or for our entertainment.

  • As long as we dont try to control it.

    Nature has a mind of its own... Its just in its nature... Hahaha (sorry i had to.) This does not mean that it will destroy all of humanity. As long as humans let nature do its thing and not get in its way, then nature will continue to do all of the things that it has done for the last 20 thousand years. Sure, nature has brought disasters but with out it we would not be alive. Maybe we should thank nature...

  • Nature should be afraid of us

    Overall, we have the power to destroy and control "nature". We really shouldn't worry about what will happen as long as we don't disturb it to much. If we do disturb it, it could become worse. As long as we respect nature, were completely okay. Besides, nature has sometimes been nice to us.

  • We shouldn't be afraid of nature.

    No, people should not be afraid of nature. Nature demonstrates the natural cycle of life and always strives to create a balance. Human intervention in nature is what we should be afraid of. We strip nature of its resources and frequently try to manipulate the natural cycle of plants and animals without fully comprehending the consequences.

  • No, we should embrace nature.

    The natural ecosystems of the Earth are what give us the resources and biological conditions we need to survive as humans. Instead of being afraid of nature, we should be embracing it and trying to save it from the adverse effects of climate change. Being afraid of nature could lead to over-hunting certain species or destroying ecosystems like the rain forest that are crucial to human, animal, and plant life.

  • We should nto be afraid, but respectful of it.

    While we may not be necessarily afraid of nature, we must greet it with absolute respect and be aware of its power. Nature is something that we as humans do not have control over, and because we have no control over it, it is unreasonable to greet it with fear.

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