Should we be allowed to keep exotic animals like tigers or chimpanzees?

  • BEcause they're cute

    Just because ok tigers are adorable and they should be allowed
    and for chimpanzees, Keep the monkeys in the zoo. Please not the monkeys. But big cats and dogs are ok if they have the care that they need. And wolves are pretty cool and should be allowed inside the house.

  • Tigers as pets

    I think we should be allowed to have these pets because they could protect you from bad things, like a burglar or something. Plus, tigers are amazing! These animals are a gift, so why not take care of them?! Also, these animals could be helpful. It could be a lot of work, but they are very loving. Zookeepers are literally doing the same thing, keeping an eye on them, feeding them, taking care of them!

  • It is really dangerous.

    Not too long ago I saw a video about a girl with a pet chimpanzee. Her friend had her face clawed off by the chimp because it was having behavioral problems.
    Wild animals are meant to stay wild. The only reason why we have cats and dogs as pets is because they went through thousands of years of evolution into being domesticated animals. Even then it is sometimes dangerous to have them as pets if they have behavioral problems. Just imagine if a tiger started to act up in your neighborhood. Would anyone be able to escape a rampaging tiger?
    Also zoo animals are sometimes mistreated and (on occasion) abused. I personally am not in favor of keeping them locked up, and they will start to act up from being miserable. Wild animals are better off in the wild where they can freely roam (in a protected area of course) and have no chance of being mistreated.

    (WARNING: Don't watch the video if you are easily disturbed. It is a list of 911 calls and the chimp story is the first one. It has more details on what had happened.)

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  • Excuse me, but the reason that zoos have animals like tigers is so that people can learn from them, not because they're cute and fuzzy!

    As Bluepaintcan said, the reason we can have dogs or cats as pets is because they have undergone thousands of years of evolution to adapt to living alongside man, including that they are significantly less aggressive. True, there is sometimes a case where a dog or cat attacks someone, but generally, wild animals are more aggressive.

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