• Yes, we should be concerned about China's torture trade.

    Of course China's torture trade is concerning. How could anyone say otherwise? China is already a prime violator of human rights. If they begin exporting the tools of the trade to the rest of the world, one can't help but fear the implications. Any market that brings about the suffering of humanity must end.

  • Torture in any form is a reason for concern.

    The trade of items used to torture people should always be of a concern to any country. While the items are a bigger threat to the people of China, it is possible these items could find their way to any country. These items encourage unfair and inhumane treatment of the people and animals they come in contact with. With reports already coming in of their effects in Asia and Africa, a call to arms must be issued to put a stop to this despicable trade of items used to torture others.

  • Yes we should

    I mean, we do deal with China a lot. How does that make us look as a country. If we aren't concerned and just carry on, then we are condoning this and that is not what our country is about. We shouldn't be more worried about money than the lives of other people.

  • China Is A Concern

    China's torture trade is a concern, along with a lot of other things that the country does. However, a concern isn't something you always act on and quite frankly I don't know who would police China. China is it's own animal there's not much that can be done to them unless they're really breaking global norms, which they aren't.

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