Should we be concerned about what teenagers are saying regarding gun issues?

Asked by: JRM
  • I am concerned!

    I became very concerned with what I was reading from the contributors to Debate.Org regarding gun control issues. There are many questions regarding gun laws. The majority of the contributing people to these questions are teenagers. Teenagers are very important people! They are our future. They one day will be in authority positions making disicisions regarding our country. We, as mature adults, need to listen to our teens. They need to be well informed and know the true history about our country. We adults have a responsibility to understand what their ideas are for our future. My concern is this: many of their responses included the second amendment, laws regarding police responsibility, fear of the government, and a nonchalant attitude for what guns are made for. I do believe we all are entitled to our own opinions however, I do believe we, the mature adults, need to be doing a better job of educating our future adults. The second amendment has a history and a reason, for why it was written, especially for the century it was witten in. Police are there to protct people (thats their job). We elect our government, we should not fear them, if we have suspicion of them doing us harm then it is our responsibility to report them to the FBI. The attitude of guns by many seems either egotistic or a lack for the magnitude of the impact it has for life. I do agree that not all areas in the country have the number of police needed for protection and I do understand that not all government officials are there in the best interest of the American people. I think we need to take a look at how our tax dollars are spent. Maybe we need to put our tax money towards more police and maybe we should question those we put in office. However teenagers hear what adults/parents say, so maybe we adults need to educate ourselves regarding the amendments, how government works and what lobbist/unions do (like the NRA). We need to stop listening to radio and TV talk show host (for our source of education) and actually study the government/law and history. Teenagers are great, educated teenagers make a difference. Listen to how our teenagers are talking about Guns.

    Posted by: JRM
  • Yes, their opinions are important.

    Teenagers have important things to say, and since they are the future of our country, and going to be running the country when a lot of us are in nursing homes and such, we should definitely be concerned about what they say, and also nurture an ongoing dialogue with them. A great number of teenagers in this country have been affected by gun tragedies.

  • It really depends, but yes.

    I think some teenagers can be very smart on certain topics. They are the future of this country and it is interesting to see what opinions they have on the matter. But a lot of teenagers can also be very immature on certain subjects. I think it's good to listen with an open mind and a discerning inner eye.

  • I believe so!

    With the economy being awful, teens and parents are being affected. Most homes are single parent homes, who have to work 2 jobs just be able to support her family. Most teenagers only have social media and class mates for guidance. Teenagers are only thinking of what is happening in her life instead of paying attention to what is going on in the world.

  • Yes, we should.

    If teenagers are saying things regarding gun issues then yes we should be concerned, but to an extent. They have a right to speak freely, and talk about whatever they wish, as long as they are not intending any harm to people around them, or know about someone who is.

  • Yes we should be concerned.

    Yes, I think that we as a nation should be very concerned about what teenagers are saying regarding gun issues since they can easily come into possession of a firearm. I think that teenagers may feel less sensitized to guns and violence with all the violent video games out there such as Grand Theft Auto.

  • Adults should listen, and learn from teenagers because teenagers know things that they may not.

    I am one of the teenagers JRM is talking about. 1. He disapproved of a teenage fear of government. Of course we should be afraid of the government. It has too many secrets for us to not be afraid. Odds are, many things that go on in this country are probably sponsored by the government. If it can, it will, and it can do much more than the people think. JRM talked about the teenage views of police. Police, though some can be respected, are often times the enemy. The police make it look as if you are guilty until proven innocent. The police questioned my dad for three hours for a crime he witnessed, AS IF HE DID THE CRIME. Not to mention that it is not the police's job to keep people safe. The police clean up the messes and catch the criminals after the crime has been commited.
    Now, on to JRM's views on teens and guns. 1. I know that if someone were to break into my house and had anything on him that could be used as a weapon, I would shoot him, multiple times. I am sixteen and my twelve year old brother would do the same. We know where the loaded guns are and our dad has told us to, "keep shooting him until you run out of bullets or he hits the ground." He has told us to shoot to kill. We know that the police WILL NOT help us if someone broke into our house and it is up to us.
    At this point, I will tell, particularly for JRM my views on what should be done with guns. All americans should have a gun on their hip at all times. This will scare the prisoners and keep the citizens protected for when the police cannot help.

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