• Yes, we should.

    There is so much more we can learn about the world by exploring the ocean. We have only recently developed technology that allows us to safely explore the depths of the ocean, and it is time to fully use that technology. There is so much left that we have not explored.

  • The more we know the better

    The more we know about the world we live in, the better off we are. This includes the bottom of the ocean. I think we should continue to explore any area that we haven't thoroughly explored before. This gives us information about the Earth's surface, depth, climate, and plant and animal life.

  • A vast world is undiscovered.

    While space exploration is important, we have a vast area of undiscovered ocean that has yet to be searched and examined. It is mind boggling to think of what could be found in these deep, dark caverns and would be absolutely fascinating, no doubt providing many years of research possibilities. We should do all we can to learn about our own planet, in the hopes that we might improve it and ourselves in the process.

  • There is still much to be learned about the sea.

    We are still unable to reach the farthest depths of the ocean. The ocean and aquatic life are critical to our survival and should likely be fully understood. Although space travel is interesting, discoveries made under the sea could contribute to helping mankind. It might also help us to better understand the impact we have on the planet.

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