Should we be doing more to increase protective measures for U.S. firemen?

  • Yes,we must do more to increase protective measures for U.S. firemen.

    Yes,we must do more to increase protective measures for U.S. firemen.It is my belief that firemen protect the U.S people from destroy and risk by fire accident. Today, since the buildings in the town so closely and traffic crowd, it is difficult for fireman to save people or other things. when fire man in the fire spot ,it is so dangerous, so must increase protective measures for U.S. firemen

  • Firemen Risk their Lives

    Firemen risk their lives to help the community. We should try and help them out as much as we can. They are highly trained and very brave people who want to give back to the community. Some firefighters are even volunteers that leave their jobs and their family's to serve us.

  • Yes, firemen deserve as much protection as is available.

    Yes, anything that protects a valued civil servant's life is worth doing. In a country with the resources of the United States, there is no reason firemen should lack adequate protective gear. Extra costs would likely be mitigated in the long term due to decreased medical expenses for firemen suffering the results of long term smoke and toxic material exposure.

  • They have many protections

    Firefighters in the US have a huge number of safety protections and intense training, so there doesn't seem to be a reason that more should be implemented. Fighting fires is inherently dangerous for people, and, though accidents are inevitable, deaths are, relative to the population fairly low, while funding is already through the roof.

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