• Yes. Unless you want the world to end.

    Just wear the goddamn mask. It’s not violating your rights. It’s not going to kill you. What WILL kill you, And probably most of humanity, Is COVID. So be smart. Wear the mask. Don’t be selfish. If you don’t wear a mask, And you’re infected, You’re probably just going to pass it on to another person. Also #literallyanybodyelsethantrump2020

  • Yes we should

    Masks have been proven to help limit the spread of coronavirus. It has also been proven that coronavirus is a serious thing; it is not just the flu. So if you are within 6 feet of someone that you haven’t been quarantining with, There is no reason not to wear a mask until the pandemic is declared over by the WHO.

  • Karens will destroy us

    I do not like the wave of Karens invading stores without masks and coughing on innocent people and being a carrier of the virus. Businesses have a right to refuse service to people not abiding by rules, They have already done this forever with "no shoes, No shirt, No service". Just slap a mask on and have some decency and manners, These Karens are like whiney brats whos mommy didnt get them sugary snack at the grocery. Businesses have a right to kick these children out during a pandemic

    If you are outside in a less congested area, Then I do not think masks should be forced there, Just inside buildings and businesses or areas with a large crowd.

  • It should be under such a situation

    It is unnecessary to wear masks if we know who is contaminated exactly. But we cannot know who is contaminated COVID-19 because there are no special features of COVID-19. Cough, Fever, Headache, And etc were typical symptoms of many diseases. So it would be better to wear a mask to protect ourselves and the others who can be contaminated because of our unawareness of being contaminated

  • Yes you should

    Everyone should Have to wear masks To stop the spread of the virus to get back to normal life ok and yes I think that we should have to be forced to wear a mask in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus for Good and defeat it ok

  • Yes we should

    We need to stop the spread of the coronavirus ok and Yes I think that we should have to be forced to wear masks ok and we should have to be forced to wear masks indeed ok ok so we should have to be forced to wear masks ok to help us stop the spread

  • Yes, We should!

    Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) is killing about over 600, 000 people in the world. I am from Vietnam, Vietnam successful because Vietnamese usually wear masks if they are going outside, Wash hands. That's why Vietnam have 0 case dead and back in normal life. Of course, This is for your heath, For a healthy world!

  • We really do.

    It’s been more than 5 months since COVID-19 has spread. Right now, There’s still no cure for COVID-19, Since it’s technically still the beginning. So we should always wear face mask (and some face shield) to prevent coronavirus to keep spreading. If we refuse to wear face mask and we decide to go outside without wearing the face mask, What’s the point of lockdown and quarantine? Ever wonder why China manage to decrease the coronavirus statistics? Because they actually LISTEN to what they should’ve do by staying home, And whenever they want to go outside they would always wear face mask! Here in USA, We still have some coronavirus spreading little by little. It’s pretty disappointing that here in USA, People are not wearing a face mask even though they SHOULD. Therefore, All of us have to wear a face mask.

  • Yes We Should!

    I am not a stupid Karen who only thinks and cares about herself.

    I know that wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of Covid19, And so I wear one because I do not want someone's loved one to die.

    Because it's all fun and games until your newborn dies :)

  • Yes, We should!

    If everyone wore the mask, The risk of transmission would be very low. By not using them, People would be putting others at risk to become infected. If you are infected and you cough or if you talk, You can transmit it to someone who is close, That is why the use of a mask is important. This is not a joke, You have to be responsible.

  • Masks = bend the knee

    The science is clear and has been repeated ad-nauseum, Masks in public are not effective. They create more health risks than they solve.

    If masks are so effective, Then wear one and you won’t have to worry about these that don’t.

    Wait for the wave of birth defects from pregnant moms wearing masks and oxygen starving their developing babies. That will be truly sad.

    All this to rig an election. It should send a shiver up your spine and lead you to ask questions.

  • It is against our right to freedom

    We have a right to choose what we do with our own body. If we want to wear a mask or if we don't we have a choice. So stand up for our rights and vote no.

    I have a few more things to say #trump2020 sub dude perfect, Sub Mr beast

  • It is your choice

    If some dumb idiot decides to not wear a mask during a global pandemic let that bite them hard in the butt. Let them get infected. Whatever. Plus this world does not need any more trump supporters, So if the people refusing to wear masks (trump supporters) catch Coronavirus, We have one less idiot in this world

  • Let them all wear masks

    As we can all see, The mask defenders only know how to scream and shout their nonsense. They require no logic or real information. By grunting their opinions, They seem to think they are heroes, By saying that all Trump supporters can drop dead, They seem to think they are angelic in their quest. What hypocrisy. Learn something, Instead of babbling and attacking people.

  • My choice not yours

    If the whole world wants to wear a mask that’s fine, Just don’t force the ones that don’t want to. Wear a whole body bag if it makes you feel better. Just don’t force or bash the ones with their own brain and opinion. Educate yourself on the science of viruses and how masks work, Then decide, Don’t just follow like sheep.

  • They do nothing.

    It's been a long time since the mask mandate has taken place, And since then, The pandemic has still been an issue. What progress has been made? Basically none. We can't just be expected to turn around and go home all because we forgot a ridiculous little piece of clothing. In fact, The masks hurt more than help. Just letting the same germs be re breathed again is not natural and we weren't designed to do that.

  • For many reasons, No

    We shouldn't be forced to wear masks for two main reasons. To start, The effectiveness of masks is very debatable. Some say only N-95 masks work, Others say surgical masks are good, While others say everything works as long as your nose and mouth are covered. There isn't much consistency here. Some studies use bacteria and other germs rather than COVID itself to defend masks. This doesn't show that masks stop COVID. There are some studies that show masks are completely ineffective. Some show that surgical masks simply direct the virus out sides of these masks rather than forward, Still spreading the disease. As far as N-95 masks go, They protect the wearer, Not those surrounding them, Its just how they were designed. This debunks the whole "I wear my mask to protect you" argument, Since you can still spread the virus while wearing any mask, Including the N-95 masks. In all reality then, Forcing people to wear masks to protect others simply goes out the window, Since N-95 masks protect the wearer, Surgical masks protect the wearer (when they seal off the gaps around the lips when you inhale, Then puff out when you exhale, Releasing the virus around you if you have it), And common knowledge shows that a standard cloth is not a thin enough filter to stop COVID from blowing through it. Masks, Because of the inconsistency as well as the ways they function, Show them not working in the way that we are told. Furthermore, Masks do in fact go against our constitutional rights. The government, No matter what is happening anywhere, Cannot force you to wear an article of clothing on your body. Nazi Germany did this with the Star of David, For those who never learned, To identify Jews when they were in public. This mandate for Jews is frowned upon today, Yet we should be forced to wear a mask like the Jews back then because "masks work. " The government cannot force you to wear sunscreen when outside to prevent skin cancer. They can't force you to wear or remove anything religious from your outfit. They can't mandate the use of hand sanitizer during this pandemic. Please explain to me why the wearing or use of masks does not violate our rights. Government lockdowns were already found unconstitutional in many states, Even though many people still support them, So tell me why masks are different. Many want them, But they still are unconstitutional. If you want to wear a mask, If it makes you feel like you're a hero saving lives, If you wear it to protect yourself, Or for any other reason, Then by all means please do so. You have the choice to do so, But don't mandate it for me, Because in the end, It is just a choice, Nothing more. These are the two top reasons as to why a mask mandate is wrong, But there is much more, Just use common sense and you should find them.

  • No, And don't comply with the agenda

    Coronavirus was just a scam to get you to take the vaccine which will be dangerous for you and will make tons of money for Bill Gates. Mask wearing is to get the public to socially condition themself into thinking Covid is this big scary problem(when it isn't) so that when the vaccine comes they'll take it. It's social conditioning.

  • Is Our Choice

    If someone desires to possibly put himself in danger because he believes that it is worth it, That should be his decision. It is also highly possible that masks do more harm than help. Even a Registered Nurse said that masks are really a danger when worn by untrained individuals.

  • Not enforceable and lacks authority constitutionally

    Masks cannot be enforced because there is no viable punishment for it? You can’t send them to jail because non violent offenders are released anyways right now. You can’t fine them because we’re in a financial crisis. Businesses can do whatever they want because they are a private entity, But the government lacks the authority and enforcement mechanism to mandate masks.

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blueoptimist says2020-08-01T13:49:19.417
It is unnecessary to wear masks if we know who are contaminated exactly. But we cannot know who are contaminated covid-19 because there are no special features of covid-19. Cough, Fever, Headache and etc were typical symptoms of many diseases. So it would be better to wear mask to protect ourselves and the others who can be contaminated because of our unawareness of being contaminated
Foolboy says2021-03-08T20:24:31.263
I don't think we need to wear masks, As this seems to behave like the flu. I am saying that here because that was my entire argument.

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