Should we be given the right (and power) to spy on politicians using NSA style tactics?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • No true "libertarian" (or decent human) would say no to such a question


    Some would complain that doing so would infringe upon the politician's rights for freedom of speech etc. However, it has been proven time and time again that when the doors close, things that the people would not approve of happen constantly. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just think of how much earlier we would have overthrown our insane government had we been able to do this? All the lies and unofficial agendas would be exposed, top secret weapons that are meant to destroy humanity would be exposed and stopped. Imagine if a proper network would be set up to monitor the politicians. They would be overthrown and arrested with overwhelming evidence at the first scandal, the first bribe over the phone, the first blackmail.

    Of course there would be some downsides to doing such a thing. Spies from other nations would use this to their advantage. Along with some terrorists and criminals. However, governments kill more every year that any terrorist could ever dream of. I would be happy to risk some security for true freedom and shackles on the government. REAL shackles.

    Such things can be prevented through other means anyways.

  • Greater Sense of Security

    With the NSA, we can find terrorists, and end problems before they even start. Criminals today are all around the world, and stopping them before they break the law gives a greater sense of security. Also, the NSA maintains harmony in the nation with a slight cost of freedom. That being said, I would much rather be spied on all the time, than have the risk of potentially dying.

  • If They Can Spy On Us So Should We!

    If politicians want to watch our every move and pass secret policies like the TPP that sign away our freedoms, then we should do the same to them. Maybe then we'd have true democracy where WE'RE the ones making the decisions. At the moment we're just in a glorified empire with puppet figureheads to vote for.

  • What a silly question.

    "Of course there would be some downsides to doing such a thing. Spies from other nations would use this to their advantage. Along with some terrorists and criminals."
    Not to mention military lives, and the lives of innocent citizens.
    "I would be happy to risk some security for true freedom and shackles on the government."
    Another downside you forgot to mention is that our country could be put at risk of being taken over by another with considerably less freedoms.

    This sounds like a question from someone who considers Snowden a hero. Think about it, why would Russia give him asylum? The guy stole secrets from his own government, why would you let him into yours? Obviously he stole other information, information that can an probably will jeopardize the lives of U.S. citizens. He may have even gave them access to the same technology that the N.S.A. Has. Something like that would be good reason to give him asylum. Some hero you have there.

    Funny thing is, what makes you think that our politicians are not being spied on. They too would be part of the people that the N.S.A. Puts under surveillance, even more so seeing that they could do more harm than regular citizens. There is also the fact that they are watched more closely by the media. Is your problem that you think they are not being spied on or that you are not given the information?

  • We are better than this...

    The politicians who agreed to let the NSA spy on people, if any did. Clearly don't respect others freedom however we the average people are better than that we should respect others private lives and their constitutional right to privacy. Once again we have the chance to be the bigger person; lets take it

    Posted by: hmm
  • This is ridiculous.

    The reason politicians and the secret service has secrets is so delicate information can't get in the wrong hands. If suddenly you're allowed to know what they're doing then America and pretty much the world would crumble. I don't agree for a second with what Snowden did (I'm in the UK, we're the most watched country on the planet and I agree with it), they're not doing it to get a kick out of it or hurt it's citizens they're doing it to protect. I doubt MI5 spies on everyone in the UK, but if they did I would support it. Reason I doubt it is because we've got so much surveillance already and we've got the best reconnaissance team on the planet, so it doesn't seem necessary, but if they did then I say go for it. I don't care if some guy in MI5 reads my texts, why would I? He's never going to meet me and I'll never meet him and if we did we wouldn't know it.

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