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Should we be looking forward to a paperless society

  • I guess we should

    What about more serious things such as global warming, Papers we see them being wasted in tonnes in classrooms, Workplaces on a daily basis pay attention to it on a daily basis. Look people are not caring about wasting them, While trees when we need them most are being sacrificed and technology would help us to save them. If we should talk about energy, We now have a chance to get them from sun, Wind and different sources, That is it is better even if in technology some space for writing is left, It does not go straight to a rubbish bin or somewhere else, It is not wasted.

  • We shouldn’t be looking forward to anything of the sort!

    There are hun dress of points we could make but the most important things are that:
    Taxes and prices would rise by a lot,
    Education would become really difficult prices etc
    Arts would be affected, deawing etc
    Environmental damage when we think about the amount of energy it takes to go into one computer !

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