• Red dead redemption 2 player

    They make honey its nummy I like to drink it because it has ecwisent mouth feel just like rdr2 witch is gonna be awsome also bees make oxygen with the trees i learned that from the bee movie in 2008 they also grow plants and expand the awsome world we live in

    Posted by: rdr2
  • We need bees

    We need bees for honey and plants and stuff we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bees we need bess we need bees we need bees bees bees

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  • They create most plant life

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  • Science report help

    We should be worried because CCD (colony collapse disorder) is a phenomenon in which worker bees abruptly disappear. There is a drastic rise in disappearences, and killing. Making bees vanish in the western honey bee colonies of north america. Beekeepers observed the same phenomenon in belgium, France, nether lands, Greece, Italy, portugal, and spain

  • Of course we should

    Scientists have been warning us for years about the decline in bee population and the hazardous side effects it could have on all of nature and every living thing in the world. If the bee population continues to die off, we are going to have a lot of isses to deal with.

  • Worried about the decline of bees in the world

    I would be worried about the decline of bees in the world. it is telling you that something is changing in our enviroment for good or bad I am not sure but pollution and chemicals are not helping them to survive. We need to find better ways to treat the world we live in.

  • Yes, we need to find a way to reverse this.

    I think we need to be very concerned about the steep decline in the number of bees. We need to find the reason for this and find a way to reverse it. Honey has tripled in price in the last couple of years ant there is every possibility we could wake up one day with no bees left and no more natural honey. What will happen to cross pollination then?

  • Worry is the wrong word.

    To worry is to obsess about and fruitlessly waste time and energy doing nothing. Bees are very important part of our world and without them many sudden unpleasant changes may occur. We need to be concerned and actively investigating the decrease in the number of bee colonies, and helping maintain the colonies, if we can figure out how to do so without causing further problems.

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