• Cause they should

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  • They should be paid

    College athletes should be paid for playing a sport in college. Colleges are making money off of them and they are not getting a share. College sports are broadcast and are a form of entertainment, in which the athletes are providing. If college athletes weren't there the money would disappear

  • Look at what they do!

    Imagine getting up every morning at four a.M. , then going to practice until about six a.M. Then you go do studies until 6 p.M. Only to do more practice. Then go t a part time job and doing homework. AND on top of that you don't get paid for all of your sports activities while your school racks up the dough. THINK ABOUT THAT. Not fair. Pay our student athletes.

  • Yes. However, the solution is not direct pay from the institutions. The solution is third-party pay, as well as empowering these student-athletes within the NCAA.

    Third party pay would be crucial in allowing college athletes to live comfortably while they are at school. This could be in exchange for event appearances, endorsements, or commercial advertisements. This concept, similar to that of the Olympics, would allow athletes to profit without the added financial strain on the universities. These universities, unlike common belief, cannot afford to pay student athletes. Only 23 division-one athletic departments made a profit in 2012 according to ESPN and almost all were on some form of subsidy. This resolution would not introduce these athletic departments to further financial strain. This would also protect these institutions from having to decide on who gets paid, whether it is the moneymaking sport participants or all athletes at the school. This change would be an important step forward for the NCAA in regards to taking care of its players. I played a year of college soccer at a school in Virginia. Between spending 80 hours per week on the field and countless hours in the library, I had no other way to make money. Even in the off-season, I did not have time to even work a part time job. These division one football and basketball players have even less of an opportunity. Scholarships do not cover everything. According to Zach Gorwitz of the Duke Political Review, “the average annual scholarship shortfall (out of pocket expenses) for each Football Bowl Series (FBS) “full scholarship” athlete was $3,285.” That is not even including basic necessities such as toothpaste. Shabazz Napier, prominent basketball player for the University of Connecticut, recently exposed the struggles of an NCAA athlete to the world. He, and many like him, struggles to make ends meet and go hungry. These athletes give devote every minute of their lives to their sport and, in turn, deserve the right to live without financial struggle. This would allow them to make some money while improving their public image without any negative consequences on the NCAA or its member institutions.
    These players should also be allowed to hold more power within the NCAA. It is not just a financial issue; these athletes are not being put on track to be successful after they graduate. They are being directed towards easy and worthless majors so that the school is assured there athletes will remain academically eligible to play. Kain Colter, former quarterback for Northwestern University, aspired to be a doctor after he graduated. Through is career, however, he was directed towards easier classes and this prevented him from graduating with his intended major. This is not an isolated incident. At the University of North Carolina, players were taking fake, no attendance classes where grades were given for little to no work. This may have seemed beneficial for the players at the time, but it set them up for failure post-graduation. These athletes, through their time and dedication, have earned the right to a meaningful education and deserve the utmost concern regarding their academics.

  • Yes, they are worth it.

    Yes, we should be paying college athletes, because the market should control whether the athletes are paid. It is unfortunate that the NCAA does not allow a school to pay an athlete, because if the athlete brings in that much money to the school, they should be compensated for that. The market should control.

  • A small sum

    Personally, I do think college athletes, especially football athletes playing for the NCAA, should be getting played, at least a small salary. They are still going out there and doing more or less the exact same thing that the respected professional athletes go out and there and do for the fans.

  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

    Yes, college athletes should be paid for their contributions to their schools. School athletic programs bring tons of money and attention to the schools in question. It is not asking for too much that the student athletes who make these programs possible be duly compensated for their contributions to the programs.

  • Colleges should share the wealth.

    Colleges make a lot of money off of student-athletes. Sporting events attract more visitors to
    colleges than anything else. These
    students should be paid in order to help them get ready for the transition to
    the major leagues. Paying them would
    help them begin to think about themselves as businesspeople and not just

  • We Should Pay College Athletes

    With the University of Texas Football Coach making an average of 5.1 million dollarson an annual 2011 salary, that is enough to pay about 20,000 dollars to 255 individual players. That means 5,000 dollars a year for their 4 years as a college athlete. Also, In the span of the 3 weeks of March Madness the NCAA makes 770 million, which is enough to pay 38,500 individual players 20,000 dollars. This as you can tell is a wild abundance of money that can be used to pay college athletes for their athletic participation.

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  • College should not get paid

    I think they shouldn't get paid because they are already getting paid to go to college for four years they don't need to get paid to play for a team at they college too. If they want to get paid that much join a professional team because they get paid alot and sometimes the get paid for just sitting on the bench

  • We should pay college athletes

    I think college athletes should be paid. For many reasons. According to usnews.Com (http://www.Usnews.Com/debate-club/should-ncaa-athletes-be-paid ) the NCAA makes $6 billion annually and NCAA athletes are required to practice at least 40 hours a week (http://usatoday30.Usatoday.Com/sports/college/2008-01-12-athletes-full-time-work-study_N.Htm) and then find time to fit in school work as well. As if college by itself isn’t already hard enough. I think that college athletes should be paid because as a college student who is on a non-athletic scholarship. I understand how time consuming some activities can be and they are not even half as demanding as being a college athlete for any sport at any school. I also feel that college athletes provide a service to the public and should therefore be compensated for it. I however do not think college athletes should be paid thousands of dollars because of the fact that they are not professional athletes and there is no guarantee that the money will be spent responsibly. But I do think that they should at least be paid something such as a monthly stipends or just enough on an EBT card to be able to at least buy groceries or basic needs because of the hard work that they contribute to their schools and also the amount of money that they make for each athletic department. I feel like instead of seen as just a reward it should be seen as a reward and necessity or an appreciation gift for all the revenue that is provided for the school and athletic departments.

  • I say no.

    I don't think college athletes should be paid because what is the fun of being paid while your playing sports. That's just not fun. You can wait and be payed when you get drafted into the NFL. That's why i think college athletes be paid money not even a dollar.

  • They don't work as hard as professional players.

    Obviously, college athletes don't play or work as hard as professional athletes. Even though they happen to be a big deal in entertainment, they shouldn't get paid for being a college athlete. People know that they are famous becaus they are aired on television as well as radios and talk shows. Their teams are also rooted for by millions of fans during sports and other events played. After all, they aren't being forced to play on a team.

  • It's Called a Scholarship

    College isn't cheap, especially since tuition has gone up over the past 10 years. College athletes are already paid in the form of a free ride for four years. The money made after earning the degree is what will be the athlete's paycheck for performing on the field. These athletes didn't get into debt for their educations, so the job doesn't go towards paying down a student loan whatsoever.

  • They should have education paid for

    Scholarships are the way to pay student athletes. They should not be paid more than that. If an athlete is performing on the field for a school and the school is making money off of them then the education for that individual should be paid by the school. The athlete is basically working off his college education.

  • College athletes should not be paid

    College athletes are only amateurs compared to professionals, and besides, playing on a college team isn't a job, so why get paid? If you owant to get paid for a sport, athletes should work harder and aim for professionals, not the college level. True, many people watch college sports but it's the athlete's choice to play on the college team. He or she isn't being forced to play, so why should they demand money?

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