• Yes, It can help peoples lives

    It can help people lives from being an translator for someone who is in need for a hospital.Being a translator is a fast growing job and you need to be bilingual to be a translator. People who are bilingual make 5% to 20% more than people who only speak american. To speak 2 or more languages can be like an extra tool in life and can help you out in the long run.

  • In the United States, speaking another language is not a requirement, but it should be.

    One reason we should have to learn other languages is most colleges require you to have 2 or more years experience in certain languages.
    Another reason is, it exposes us to other cultures. We might not be able to experience these other cultures firsthand, but learning there language shows us about the culture.
    The last reason is, you can help out your future if you know another language. Studies show that you can get about a 20% higher salary then someone how only speaks one language.

  • Students should be required to learn a foreign language while in school because it will impact them positively in many ways.

    Learning a new language will make you more intelligent. “When they learn the grammar rules for a foreign language, students’ English grammar improves,” says Samantha Roberts. You will not just gain intelligence in grammar but also memory and speech.
    If you learn a foreign language your multitasking skills will improve as well. Anne Merritt says, “In one study, participants used a driving simulator while doing separate, distracting tasks at the same time. The research found that people who spoke more than one language made fewer errors in their driving.” By switching between two systems of speech and writing, you will become better at multitasking.
    Learning a foreign language should be a requirement for students while in school because there will be many positive impacts to come from it.

  • Students in the United States should be required to learn another language.

    Other countries all around the world require their students to learn English, so why shouldn't we be required to learn a different language? Bilingual workers are in large demand, and according to ´Second Language Acquisition by the Numbers´, bilingual workers make 5 to 20% more than people who only know one language. Finally, translators are becoming a more common need, and employers are looking for people who have learned multiple languages.

  • Students should be required to learn foreign languages.

    Students should be required to learn other languages than just there own because you would be able to communicate with other people from different country's and can learn there cultures. Also when you learn new languages it helps to improve your vocabulary. Also if we as a country aren't required to learn new languages we could lose are place as a global leader. And Bilingual workers earn 5% to 20% more than those who speak only one language. So you could earn more money.

  • The United States should require students to speak another language.

    The United States should require students to speak another language. One reason for this is that most other countries require their student to learn another language. From Why Learn Another Language?, “More Chinese students are learning English than than people that actually speak English.” This means that Americans need to keep up and learn other languages along with them. Another reason for learning another language is that it improves vocabulary and and grammar. “When students learn the grammar of other languages, their English improves.” (Why Learn Another Language?) In conclusion, American students need to learn another language.

  • I believe world languages should be required.

    I believe world languages should be required. I believe world languages should be required because employees that are bilingual and help customers in another language have higher salaries. Bilingual workers earn 5%-20% more than those who speak only one language. This is good because it can help employees who are in dept or need more money to get by.

  • Students should be required to learn a language other than their everyday language.

    You could build communication skills with those around you, and Learn to accept a variety of other cultures. You could Improve your vocabulary, also. A fact to support this is Students who study 4 years or more of a foreign language, averaged to do better on the SAT than their peers.

  • Students should have to take a foreign language.

    My first reason is that it improves vocabulary.My second reason is learning another language helps create communication skills. My third reason is that their will always be a high demand for people who speak foreign languages. Studies show that students that learned another language make 5 to 20 percent more money than people who don't learn another language

  • Learning a new language could be beneficial for your life.

    I believe that learning a new language could be beneficial for somebody to have a successful life. Many jobs are looking for people who can speak other and unique languages, such as Japanese or French. Also, Learning a new language can improve students' vocabulary skills, because "when learning a new language, the learner must pay attention to inflections in speech." (Roberts). In addition when someone learns a language as a child, they grow up to be adults who can communicate well and clear. In conclusion, learning a language is very important and could benefit your life.

  • Students should not be required to learn another language because it is not worth it.

    If people want to learn another language they can but others do not have to be forced to. China all ready speaks English and has taken every Americans jobs in the us U.S. It is less needed in the U.S. or less wanted. Even studies show that Britain teaches world languages more than us.

  • It should be optional.

    You shouldn't be required to take a foreign language class because not all kids or teens will have a career that require them to know a language. The kid should have the choice to learn one or not because they know what they want to do in a career and if it needs a language then the person will most likely choose to take a language. If that career doesn't require a language then that class is useless and they could be taking a more helpful class.

  • In the US students are not required to learn a foreign language and that's how it should be.

    Most jobs do not require foreign languages, that is good. Students should be focused on school work not on speaking a language they may not even need in life. People who study foreign languages most likely want to, or are forced to, but for those who don't want to shouldn't be required to. Statistics show that student who take foreign languages are forced to and really have no interest in learning a new language.

  • No they shouldn't

    You don't have to learn one because you can use your own time.

    I listened to German podcasts for two weeks. Then, when my parents were talking in German in front of me, I could pick out and translate more words than before. Kids can learn more on their own time and will want to more than if it was required to learn it.

  • Yes, I think that learning a foreign language should be a requirement in the U.S.

    I think that foreign language should be a requirement in the U.S because it can help citizens the U.S. a lot in many different ways. You can get paid more for knowing a foreign language in a job. Also for middle school/high school students, it can improve vocabulary and learning skills.

  • I don't think students should be required to take these classes

    Most of the world is starting to learn English so why would we start to learn there language . Also you may not even use the language or go to a different country. It is also a lot of money to pay those teachers . According to the info-graph only 18% of the U.S. speak a different language

  • My claim is learning a new language is a waste of time we should not be forced if we don´t absolutely need it

    Reasons: We have translators who are more than happy to transport anywhere to help you translate from another language. Kids only sometimes take foreign languages because they are forced and don't really WANT too. Spanish and French are the most highest percent of language kids learn, no one really goes out and wants to learn like Russian.

  • It should not be required

    In the US, in many schools, the only language available to learn is Spanish. Many of the kids at these schools would rather either not learn a foreign language at all, or at least learn a language that they would enjoy using. Often, people learn much easier when they are being taught about something that they want, and something that they enjoy. But it still should not be required, as not every person will use it later in life. They may not get a career that requires them to know different languages, so for many of the kids, they would just forget everything they were taught over time. If people want a job that requires them to know a certain language, that's great, and there should still be classes available, but not required, as those who know that they are not going to need it, will not have to take the class. If the teen/child absolutely knows that they will not use it, or will use a different language that is not taught in a school, they should not completely be required to take this class.

  • I believe that it should be optional

    Many people are taking foreign laguages because they would like to. Some people take it to be able to go to different places and be able to communicate there. Another reason is most colleges don't even requir more then 2 years of foreign languages and thats not enough to learn the language. Another reason is many student have to take it but they have no interest in the languages. Statistics show that Over 80 percent of students are required to take it but they don't want to.

  • Learning another language should be a choice.

    Learning another language should be a choice. One reason is, most students only take a language because they have to. ¨I´d wager close to 80% of kids taking foreign language on high school do so because they have to.¨ (Performance assessments) It´s extra homework causing extra stress. And it´s a waste of time. ¨Most colleges don’t require that applicants have more than two years. And from what I can see, based on what actually happens in high schools, learning a foreign language often is a waste of time.¨ Students will probably forget the language over break.
    Another reason is soon knowing a different language won't be necessary. ¨Because much of the world is striving to learn English.¨ (Washington Post)
    Learning should be a choice when it comes to languages.

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