Should we be researching for alternative uses for depleted uranium rather than allowing the government to use it as ammunition?

  • I don't see why not.

    I've read about depleted uranium. Its radioactivity is mild. I don't know if this is true, But one source says you'd have to stand next to half a ton of the stuff before you're in any real danger.

    I have some uranium marbles that glow under UV light. I was a little nervous about them at first, But now I know they're just regular glass with about 2% depleted uranium mixed in. They're safer than they look.

  • Uranium is an untapped resource

    The issue of searching for alternative uses of uranium versus using it for ammunition can be viewed as one of morality. Do we have the right to create and utilize more bombs? Did we learn nothing from the horrors of our history with Japan? Uranium is currently used for medicines, preservation of food, industry, as well as a major source of energy. With additional research, it is possible that the radioisotopes could be utilized in an array of applications.

  • Something that doesn't kill people would be more beneficial.

    Yes, we should be researching for alternative uses for depleted uranium rather than allowing the government to use it as ammunition. It seems rather dangerous to have ammunition just lying around battlefields, contaminating god only knows what. I'm sure a dedicated team of scientists could figure out something safer and better to do with it.

  • We already have them

    We already have an option for how to use depleted uranium - using them in new kinds of reactors. Uranium which could not be used in older plants (which are pretty much all we have today) can actually be reused in newer plants that can't get government funding due to fear of nuclear energy.

  • Depleted Uranium is proven to be Tragic in Ammunition

    It was a great idea. Take our nuclear waste, put it into 25mm bullets, and shoot the bullets into another country with their permission. The problem is, people began getting sick. Much of what is commonly referred to as "Gulf War Syndrome" can be compared to radiation poisoning. This is a problem that has escaped the media attention due to the subsequent conflicts. The depleted uranium rounds that were used would sit next to soldier prior to firing for weeks in their vehicles. Then, after being fired, soldiers were asked to patrol the same areas riddled with shards of radioactive material. The supporters of using DU rounds will say that it is coincidental that those who served near this material are sick. The American people should be more suspicious.

  • Has Multiple Uses

    I do not believe there is any reason to research alternative uses for depleted uranium other than allowing the government to use it as ammunition. There are already many well know uses for depleted uranium that are used both in the military and the medical field. There is no reason to feel the need to have more uses.

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