Should we be scared about the Korean Bomb Threat?

Asked by: 17bohtal
  • Very Scary Matter.

    I think that united states needs to stay out of South Korea and North Korea's business. Now that we took sides , the other side is threatening to bomb us. I say hold on to your seat folks , because we dont know what our presidents gonna do about this.

  • No we should not be worried about the Korean bomb threat

    No, I do not think that we should be worried about the Korean Bomb Threat as the authorities are now investigating it to make sure that we all stay safe. I think that after what has unfortunately happened in Boston that more people are on-guard and therefore would notice suspicious activity.

  • It's worth paying attention to, but not being scared.

    As far as we know, North Korea simply does not have the technology to hit the US as of now. It's worth paying attention to how the situation develops, but the only people who really need to be scared right now are the South Koreans. As of now, we are not in danger.

  • It's all fake!

    Some one else is trying to strike terror into our hearts so that we don't pay attention to what really matters. Plus America is much more superior than the angry North Korea. Even though America might be also helping North Korea with this just so we have terror in us.

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