• Without a doubt, YES!

    These people are not part of a peaceful religion. These folks are tied to ISIS. They believe in killing non-believers. Just read statements from the leader of ISIS. He boldly tells his followers to kill non Muslims any way they can. I think any Muslim who is not a legal citizen should be thrown out of our country. Borders
    Should be closed and maybe non-Muslims should start beheading Muslims and executing them to
    Show them what they are doing. This country affords us freedom of religion yes, however, it was due to a separation from the Catholic Church and the Church of England. This was for Protestants. Allowing Baptists, Methodists, Wesleyans, Lutherans and other Christian denominations to practice their faith in God as they felt led to do. It was also for the Jewish, they are God's chosen people. Where are Christians terrorizing, torturing and murdering people for not converting? Can anyone tell me that? Some extremist Christians may be rude, disrespectful and rather forceful with their beliefs but we do not murder in cold blood. Our God is love, and
    That against all we stand for. Maybe the best lesson is to go to battle in the name of our God and counter the
    Muslims with the burning of their mosques and
    Mass killings of their followers. Behead them on tape and show it in broadcasts. Make their families beg for
    Mercy on their loved ones.... Force them to pay large ransoms for the return of their loved ones. Is that okay? If we are tolerant of Muslims doing that to non believers, why shouldn't other faiths do that to them?

  • Not as strict as some of us want to be

    It's getting pretty hard to deny that Islam needs to make some changes to be a proper fit in the world we currently live in, and I will concede that. That said, it doesn't justify targeting anybody as a threat the moment it's learned that they're Muslim. We cannot ask Muslims to adapt to present day society while at the same time telling them that we don't want them in it.

  • Why would you even think of doing this?

    First I am not Muslim. I feel that every religion or race should have equal rights... 9/11 doesn't speak for the whole race of the society? Why would you be willing to be strict on Muslims and not Christians or Jewish people? You cant slant a race without proper probable cause.

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