Should we be taught more practical things like how to buy a house or get a job than academia ps go easy I’m 12

  • It would help

    The things we are taught in schools are not very helpful. When people go out into the real world they won't know how to do the necessary things to be a adult. I mean why do we need to know all the elements on the periodic table? The only reason we learn these things is because businesses say we need the education even though the only education we need is how to do the job.

  • We need to know

    How can adults expect us to do well in life if all we have is some math experience and notes from language arts? My school taught me how to sign checks, put on a band-aid the right way, and how to write in cursive. Those were the most practical things we ever learned, and that was 1st grade!

  • I need something useful help im a senior in high school

    I am graduating next year and it is kind of embarrassing that I know little about real world concepts, like taxes. I can barely use a credit/debit card. The closer graduation gets and the more I realize that it's gonna be hard to figure out everything on my own does not make me look forward to adulthood

  • Practical skills are needed in life, so we should learn them.

    School is supposed to make life better for us by filling our brains with useful information. Practical information is needed to navigate life, so I'd say it's pretty important. We should be taught how to do things like pay taxes, take out a loan, buy a house, take care of a pet, etc.

    PS: I'm 12 too. On the internet, age is no reason for people to go easy on you. Your age doesn't (or at least, shouldn't) matter; it's your maturity that counts. The beauty of the internet is that people like you and me can talk with adults who don't treat us like we're stupid because they don't know our age. I wish you the best of luck.

    Posted by: Lyfe
  • Yes, it is something that is important in kid's future.

    If adults and schools were to teach children (who are old enough to somewhat understand,) then I think kids have a better chance at a good future. Sometimes, those who don't get taught about things children need in the future, then children will grow up having a harder chance at a good future. Kids need the resources and the ways to be taught how to own there own homes, and how to get a job.

  • Its truly beneficial

    I'm a about to be a high school graduate, and I still feel lost and confused about certain things like taxes, the economy, the bank, how to get a car, the best way to get a good house, ordering things online, bills, etc. I wish that I had got to learn more about those things instead of things I'm just going to forget after high school. I should have learned more about ways to raise a family, and how to support myself in the near future but instead I'm going to have to go about getting that type of information on my own.

  • It's actually useful

    Most of the things taught in school today don't have much or anything to do with life. Learning things such as paying bill, getting a mortgage, etc. would help people get by in the real world rather than them having to just figure it out themselves and not know how.

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