• Yes, teaching children to invest at a young age prepares them to handle money.

    Yes, teaching children at a young age to invest money will help them to understand how money works and how our country's economy is affected by trade. I believe it will also help prepare children for their own financial futures and possibly even reduce the amounts spent on social security benefits in later years.

  • Yes, we should be teaching our kids to invest money at a young age

    Yes, we should be teaching our kids to invest money at a young age. And more importantly, we should be teaching our kids how to safely invest money. Kids need to know that there are better investments than just the stock market, and I feel that educating them properly will benefit them as they get older.

  • Yes, we should teach kids about investing at a young age

    Yes, kids should get an early start when it comes to learning how to manage their money, including learning how to invest. Hard work pays off, but not if proper planning for the future is ignored. Since the recent financial crisis began, the number of billionaires has doubled. Perhaps the field would be a tiny bit more level if everyone was educated about finances, and formed good financial habits, from an early age.

  • No, kids should learn to invest as teenagers.

    Teaching kids to invest when they are younger then 12 is not a good idea. However, teaching them basic money schools at that age is a fantastic idea. We should teach them about banking, keeping track of incoming and outgoing money. We should also teach them how to save money. Once children reach teenage years then they should be taught how to invest because they already have the basics in money management.

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