• This is 'The Hunger Games'

    What you do on the Internet is what you are.
    You know that the internet was designed to be transparent.
    What is the difference between physical protest outside a public building and convert 'influencing' via the internet. It is a voluntary, conscious act that I undertake in writing this. The internet should not be a refuge for cowards and charlatons. IMHO

  • They're not entitled to my information

    I don't like that websites track my activity, not that I'm doing anything nefarious. I'm a very private person and no one needs to know that level of detail about my habits unless it's under court order. However, seeing as how there's no internet regulatory body (thank God) I'm totally free to use Tor, AdBlock, and other 3rd party software to anonymize my presence. If the government is worried about me, they can pull out the big guns and peek on me with a warrant. Otherwise the only thing you're entitled to is to sniff my encrypted traffic.

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