• Drones are the future

    REPUBLICANS WILL NEVER STOP they need war to enforce their superiority complex . And they make money from it . The people that make the weapons donate hevally to their campanes .They dont care how many of our sons and doughters get killed or injered. This way less of ours are at risk.

  • Drones are not the correct way to end problems

    I think the United States is trying to help by trying to end the problems , but i think this isn't the correct way to end them , we could talk with people and try to end things peacefuly , also many innocents are killed in action . There are many ways to get a solution

  • Drones increase the already exsisting bad ...

    Considering the entire Fau-Paux of the Bush Administration for so many years, I think that this new issue with Drones is simply intensifying the already bad view upon USA. We need to stop invading other people's territory without just cause before they all decide to join forces and put a stop to our ways.

    Our own country is going downhill in so many ways that I do not understand nor do I support anymore foreign country War spending, be them with Drones or our men/women's lives. I am tired of old men deciding when and where our young service men and women die. If we spend our Taxpayers money creating new jobs, creating education of our children, creating things we can export instead of importing everyone else's things then we wouldn't need to use war as a source of income for the political household! Drones are a no go.

  • Drones increase hostility.

    Drones kill innocents and create more hatred for the USA. Drones, it is said, are Al-Qaeda's best recruiting tool. Drones have eliminated terrorists and their leaders, but attitudes aren't eliminated along with adherents. Attitudes and beliefs about America and a desire to do us harm, are only made stronger. In general, violence only begets more violence.

    Posted by: Bkay

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