• Our military would be sitting ducks

    Putting more of our military in the Middle East would be extremely dangerous. For one, they are already there dealing with middle eastern soldiers turning on them. So many have been killed by those initially thought to be allied soldiers. The enemy has implants that they use to carry out these assassinations. Boots on the ground on a massive scale would lead to more soldiers coming home in body bags due to IEDs, suicide bombers etc.

  • US Engagement in the Middle East Is Riskier Than Ever

    Many Americans, even after 13 years of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, still don't know how dynamic the relations are between the tribes and religious faction that live in those regions. Additionally, having a huge American military in the Middle East would do nothing to stabilize any of those conflict areas but would further embolden extremists groups by quantifying their rhetoric.

  • The Middle East is unstable

    I think we should be worried because the Middle East has been unstable for thousands of years mostly due to religious conflict. Some of the people who cause problems there think they should spread their warfare and brand of religion all over the world and kill anyone who disagrees with their specialized brand of religion.

  • We should be concerned

    There's no doubt we should be concerned. We should be monitoring closely what is going on over in the middle east. These people are sick individuals who like to murder innocent people and it's just disgusting. I personally believe that if we don't act now it could be to late. We need to act now before these fools try something on our homeland.

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