• No, I dont think we should be worried any more then usual?

    I really don't think we need to worry much about ad-based online attacks. People are smart enough, for the most part, to give these attack advertisements little attention. I'v noticed them when I'm online and I don't give them much of my attention so I don't see much need to worry.

  • They will find a way.

    Yes, we should be worried about ad-based online attacks, because if there is a way to reach people, a person who wants to take advantage of that will find a way to hack it. People who want to hurt others and steal are always looking for new ways. We should try to stay one step ahead.

  • Online Attackers: Bullying revealed

    Yes I believe we should be worried about ad-based online attacks, any form of attacking on the internet is a form of bullying. Cyber bullying is a reason to seek help and has been the cause of death and suicide. I do not think any online attacks should be taken lightly.

  • We need to protect our security

    We need to protect our security, and ad-based attacks are creating a new problem that we have to be proactive about. We need to have software that can identify the problems in the ads and then protect our computers, our images, our information, or whatever the ad attack is after.

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