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  • No, we should not be worried about Amazon losing money

    No, we should not be worried about Amazon losing money. In an economy like this, many companies are losing money. Once the economy recovers, I am sure Amazon will recover as well. It will all come down to how well they sustain themselves throughout the down time and prepare for the recovery.

  • We shouldn't worry about Amazon.

    Business is business, and there are going to be ups and downs with any business. We as humans cannot get stressed out if any single company is losing money. As a person who is affiliated with Amazon, many may wonder why I don't worry. The fact is: worry has never solved anything. Actions solve problems.

  • We shouldn't be worried about Amazon losing money.

    If you were to watch the stock market, you'd think that everyday some of your favorite companies might go bankrupt! As you know, the market goes up and down all the time and I'm sure Amazon is a great contributor to that. Even though Amazon may be losing money, I don't think we should be worried because they will probably rise back up eventually!

  • No, we should not be worried about amazon loosing money.

    I am not a huge shopper on Amazon anyways, but I believe that we should not be worried about them loosing money. I think that they are a big enough company that it would take them a long time to get in hot water. Although with all the new target stores etc opening I wouldn't be suprised if it goes down.

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