Should we be worried about drug-resistant bacteria?

  • The CDCs newest report made it even more obvious.

    And we make it all worse by throwing antibacterial products at everything due to our new-found pathological fear of germs. Not to mention the sort of idiots who demand antibiotics for the sniffles, or don't finish the course they are prescribed because they start to feel better.
    We are teetering on the precipice of a post-antibiotic age, and make no mistake it is dangerous.

  • If bacteria can kill us, but we cannot kill them, who will win?

    We have seen certain conditions that no longer respond to, for example, tetracycline..This may be due to the prophylactic application of the drug where diseases were not diagnosed. Luckily we had other, stronger drugs to use, which prevented or at least stalled a major epidemic. Medical professionals now group antibiotics by class, and reserve the strongest for only the worst cases. What will happen when a bacteria reveals that we have NOTHING that can stop it in our medicine chest?

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