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  • Yes we should

    We should indeed be worried about Fukushima as Fukushima can spell certain disaster not only for Japan but for the entire Northern Hemisphere and indeed, the entire worlds' ecosystem if we're not careful. We need to seriously reconsider our commitments to nuclear energy in light of this incident and much more.

  • Not getting better...

    The disgraceful actions of trying to cover up the scale of the disaster simply shows TEPCO isn't competent enough to deal with this national crisis. We need to rise up and step in, this disaster must be contained before it ruins our entire global ecosystem. Please people. Open your eyes.

  • Could end us all

    As a layman, I don't know much about radioactivity other than the concept of gamma rays are biologically hazardous because they suck electrons out of existing atoms and molecules. These gamma rays are emitted from radioactive decay. Fukushima spent fuel, radioactively decaying, has 85 times more cesium than released at Chernobyl. Chernobyl is constantly hailed as the worst nuclear disaster, but it in no way compares to Fukushima.

    The spent fuel is not secure and is a ticking timebomb. All it takes is one major earthquake or tsunami and the risk of polluting the entire Pacific Ocean with spent fuel would be the end of humans. It's already bad enough to have Cesium-137 seeping into the ocean, but to also have Strontium-90?

    There is 24-hour surveillance of Fukushima Daiichi. The workers can't spend more than 1 hour at a time at the plant. These men are receiving an unprecedented amount of radioactivity. Even with the equipment, the radiation will find a way in time.

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