• Yes we should.

    We should be worried about them because their leader, Kim Jong-Un, now is a young leader with no real experience leading a nation. He has big shoes to fill taking his father’s place. He’s made threats and already said that his country consider the treaty between South Korea void, already trying to build better weapons while reopening old nuclear facilities. Kim Jong-Un is under a lot of pressure from the international community with the embargoes and North Korea right now stands alone. If he doesn't carry out his threats and is he’s just going to appear weak as a leader to his nation and if does, he’s going to lose.

  • Kim Jong-un and the North Koreans really need to be taken seriously.

    Kim Jong-un may look like a fat Korean guy who says empty threats, but that doesn't mean that Kim is stupid. Knowing East Asian families, they 'worship' their ancestors and usually follow the path that their ancestors took and Kim isn't an exception. If North Korea were to be taken seriously, they will point their missiles at the "American infidels" as claimed by the DPRK. Maybe we shouldn't be afraid New Yorkers, Philadelphians and other east coasters, but Californians, Alaskans and other west coasters should be afraid because of North Korean ballistic missile ranges. If North Korea tried to fire a missile at New York, it will most probably hit Anchorage or Canada even with their long range missiles. Northern Korea even tried to fire their nuke to Australia to show how confident they are at war. Unfortunately for the North Koreans, the missile collapsed half way through and almost hit Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

    In due respect to the DPRK, they would need to be treated more seriously even though they have the funniest evil dictatorship if all time.

  • Yes, they are nutty.

    North Korea has always been an unpredictable country and it is hard to judge just how far they would go. I would be willing to believe that they would have no problem breaking international laws. I think we should be cautious when dealing with such an unpredictable country, just to be safe.

  • North Korea poses a threat to the United States.

    Yes, I think that we should be worried about North Korea as they could pose a real threat to both the United States and our allies. I think that North Korea breaking the UN sanctions is sending a strong signal that they want to start a war, and the U.S. Should be on the lookout.

  • The missiles would do minimum damage.

    The only warhead that the missiles would be able to carry would be conventional HE. If the missile could even hit a city the damage would be minimal and the emergency services would be able to handle it. But that would be a worst case sanariao. Most likely there would be a gudence or staging failier and the missile would not get to its target

  • North Korea is a paper tiger

    North Korea has a million soldier army. Virtually all of these soldiers lack boots. North Korea has a national health care system, but the government has so little money that each citizen can only get $0.37 of medical care a year from it. North Korea has elite cyber attack forces, which would be a threat except that they are stuck a decade in the past because of international embargoes. All of North Korea's remaining arable land is located near a series of dams in the south west of the country. If the U.S wanted to , it could starve the country and bomb it into oblivion in a matter of minutes.

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:45:51.057
Yes we should deffinately worry about north korea, obviously people, we have seen this coming for years, they have enough weapons and nuclear bombs to wipe us out and they are building more of an army and threatning to attack us, this should be taken seriously before its too late.