Should we be worried about the al-Qaeda jailbreak in Iraq?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes yes, why aren't people already blasting this on the news. Did I mention YYYYEEESSSS?!

    The number of escapees was around 500, AMERICA IS F***ED. S*** is going to go down very soon, and nobody will know how it happened. Why? Because the media is to busy crying over celebrities who died from drug overdose (OMG drugs kill people? Who knew?), dumb industry stuff and problems that could be easily solved. Five-freakin-hundred. But when the axe does drop, the media will be all "Oh, we could've prevented this, it's ombas fault!" (I called Obama omba on purpose to make fun of the media) but really, it's the medias fault. Because they thought the death of a heroin addict who OD'd on heroin is the most shocking thing since we discovered our own thumbs, and didn't pay any attention to this. How do I know about this? I live in Canada, where we A: Have a decent media that TELLS US THINGS and B: aren't threatening, all we have as weaponry is a lot of syrup, a tim hortons, an RCMP on a moose playing hockey and a poutine store covered in snow.

  • America has a self image problem that needs more attention

    I am not going to say the US shouldnt be worried about 500 al-qaeda escaping but im also canadian and as such have traveled a fair bit (thanks to our economy) and have seen how much the rest of the world hates americans. And in reality I cant blame them. Yes the states have always been (fairly) okay to canada, but imagine your from on of those countries the states has imposed their will on. I would hate them too. George bush sr. Killed tons of iraqis and at the price of a handful of americans. Now imagine someone attacked the states and a million people were killed and the "enemy" only lost a few. They would be pissed! So in short, yes worry bout al-qaeda, but worry more about the fundamental reasons who everyone hates you and work on tht

    and babeslayer u made me lol, who can hate bacon and syrup loving people with a goddam leaf as our flag. USA take note

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