• Global = Local

    Americans should be concerned with the fate of the global economy. After all, we exist in the international community. America is not an island. Our businesses and revenues depend on what is happening in other countries. If, say, Europe has a debt crisis, that is going to impact us, so we need to be worried.

  • Yes, we should be worried about the global economy.

    Over the last half century or so, the increasing globalization of local economies has reaped many economic rewards for consumers in the industrialized world. A global division of labor has meant that goods can be produced more cheaply, and hence sold for less. Yet at the same time this integration poses a new problem: economic woes in one part of the world are prone to affect regions on the other side of the globe, and for this reason we should all be fearful of the future.

  • Yes, we should be worried about the economy.

    The economy is on shaky ground and I believe it will continue to be. The reason for this is not the usually suspected culprits: the reason is our economy is based on a model that is no longer relevant. Our economy relies on cheap fossil fuels, expendable and unnecessary junk, and exploitative labor. We need a new economy based on renewable energy, trade of goods and services, and just work.

  • Keep Eye On Global Economy

    We should be worried about the global economy. No country exists in a vacuum economically. Rather, a world economy exists where countries are dependent upon each other for trade and goods and services. With the onset of improved transportation, the internet, and technological advances, the economy has become more and more global. Not worrying about the global economy puts other countries at risk.

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