• It's a biological hazard

    The problem, I feel, isn't the measles virus itself, rather the irresponsibility of parents who chose to not vaccinate their children against this disease, as well as others. I mean, we almost removed this disease, but idiots out there still think vaccines as well as medicine are bad for society which is bringing back diseases which will infect more and more people if something isn't done soon.

  • I think we should be worried

    Measles can kill young kids. We need to stop measles we cant let this happen. Doctor are starting to get worried about doing this about every day we need to stop going to the hospital IT COULD KILL YOUR CHILDREN SO PLEASE HELP US PROTECT OUR CHILDREN WE CAN DO THIS.

  • I think we should be worried, but not panicked.

    The measles comeback is largely due to people not vaccinating their children because of the anti vac scare of the past few years. It is alarming, but it is not yet out of control. I think the key to nipping it in the bud is to educate people about the science behind vaccines and to discredit those celebrities and conspiracy theorists who peddle the misinformation without being able to understand the science behind it.

  • Fear not, friends!

    We should not be worried about the measles comeback. We discovered a vaccination for it a long time ago and even if a different strain appeared, we have the medical and technological advancements needed to alter the vaccine to include the new type that has appeared. The measles epidemic is a thing of the past.

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