• Yes, and it's accelerating

    A study by "10 climate scientists from universities around the world, was published Monday [2/22/16] in the U.S.'s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

    "the study found that without human-caused climate change, the global sea level would have "very likely" changed by between a 3 centimeter (1.18 inch) drop and a 7 centimeter (2.75 inch) rise over the 20th century -- rather than the 14 centimeter (5.512 inch) rise that was observed."

    "The study says the global sea level rose at a rate of 1.4 millimeters (0.05 inches) a year during the 20th century. NASA's figures, which put the current rate of sea rise at 3.4 millimeters (0.13 inches) a year, suggest sea level rise is only accelerating."


    Unless anyone knows of easily and quickly moving and resettling millions of people from coastal cities and low elevation islands around the world, then we should be worried.

    We've messed with the ecological system so much that now humans - namely sustainable technology - may be the only solution left. This means, among other things, extremely low to no emissions (probably impossible at this point), carbon off-sets, and carbon capture and sequestration from the atmosphere.

  • Yes, both in itself and as a symptom of bigger problems

    CNN just reported on scientists from 10 universities around the world whose research shows sea levels are rising faster than they have in three thousand years. Sea levels rising means having fewer islands and less land in general. People will be displaced and ecosystems will be damaged. But even more a problem is global climate change, of which the rising seas is only one symptom.

  • Yes, we should be concerned about rising sea levels

    Yes all people should be concerned with rising sea levels. The levels are rising faster than ever, and eventually it is going to have disastrous effects on all countries. The rising sea levels show that our way of life is wrecking havoc on the world. If we continue on this path, damage to the earth will be irreversible.

  • We should be worried

    Rise in sea levels has direct negative impact on the humans and animals. The glaciers melt and the rise in sea levels escalate the temperature levels. This will cause a sever impact on sea animals, people who depend on living on fishing etc. The impact on drinking water is massive. We may end up not having proper drinking water.

  • Sea Levels are not Rising Too Fast

    In today's world, we often hear about the effects of global warming. However, there are a multitude of factors that can contribute to the changes in our weather. Currently, we are experiencing an El Niño year. This is characterized by warmer weather. It is not an effect of global warming as it occurs on a scheduled and predictable basis.

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