• We should be worried about the weakening of encryption

    Encryption gives us all a piece of mind when we send and receive electronic information. While encryption is always vulnerable to nefarious hackers who seemingly are getting better at it, by no means should the ever increasing world of hacking be made easier. If anything, the converse should be implemented. Tougher encryption standards must be implemented.

  • We should be worred about the weakening of encryption.

    Encryption protects your sensitive and private data from being visible to other people. Any weakening of data encryption will result in data leaks of credit card data. We have seen the results of this with recent data breaches at Target and other retailors. Encryption should be getting stronger over time, not weaker.

  • Yes, we should ALL be worried

    I think that the weakening of encryption is a worrisome topic. We have a lot of personal information online and it would be a shame for other people to find it. There's certain types of information that are not meant for other people to see. You really wouldn't want your personal information ending up in the wrong person's hands.

  • There is no weakening

    There is absolutely no weakening of encryption. Of course, that depends on the method used. Eventually, we will reach a point where it isn't feasible to ever crack encryption. 256 bit is a good example, whereas it would take billions of earths with everyone running a program to crack it for millions and millions of years to even come close. I think we're fine for now.

  • I think not

    People arent that much crazy. We all know that the goverment has all of our info but if we follow the law nothing is gonna happen. They definitely wont use our information against us if we follow the law. Its my opinion but i know many people freaking out about this.

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