• Our leaders do have the opportunity to enact change and have failed to do so.

    Many things are not within our leaders capability to change, but there have been a number of decisions made by leaders that could have been made differently and the changes would have been enormous. In recent times, Nixon could have kept the dollar tied to the gold standard. Ford could have decided not to pardon Nixon. Reagan could have vetoed the first budget presented to him and declared as chief executive that we were on a cash basis until Congress brought him a budget that made sense. After Challenger blew up, Reagan could have announced that we had a duty to continue, that we knew what had happened and that we had another launch date within 30 days and we were going to keep it. He could have shown leadership by then announcing that he and Donald T. Regan were going to be on it.

  • Yes, we should blame world leaders for today's problems.

    Even though they're not completely to blame, I think that world leaders can definitely be blamed for today's problems. They're the leaders for their nations. They're supposed to take responsibility when things do not go right. They are the ones who have the power. And that's why they were voted into power.

  • We Are All to Blame

    Our leaders, even when not directly chosen by the people, are empowered by their people. Democratic countries actively let the public choose their leaders, and yet many residents neglect to even do that. As a planet we see those who are most charismatic and ruthless rise to the top due to love and fear. World leaders only control what they are allowed to control, and we are all responsible for those we choose, or allow to remain in control.

  • World leaders are not to blame for today's problems.

    No, world leaders are not solely to blame for today's problems. While they are the policy makers and role models, the fact is world leaders do not have complete control over the actions of each individual. Individuals and groups have a lot of responsibility to remain orderly and do what's right to better society.

  • We should blame everyone

    People do a poor job of electing our leaders. People also follow blindly and believe anything leaders of big business tells them. While our leaders do deserve a lot of the blame because they are in charge. The people deserve some blame too, by not paying attention to their surroundings.

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