Should we boycott all of Barney The Dinosaur's advertisers, sponsors and broadcasters?

Asked by: MinMax123
  • Barney is a bad influence on society. All supporters of Barney accepted that, and continued to corrupt the world.

    While many people may not realize what harm the show has done to society, Barney and Friends has been a terrible influence. Not only does the show promote pedophilia, it also teaches kids that doing potentially harmful activities can be done without much in the way of consequences. In several episodes of Barney and Friends, characters have been shown lying, cheating, stealing, and catching stinging insects, that could all result in harm in the real world.

  • I see no reason to.

    Barney, is at its core, nothing but a mascot. He is a purple, fuzzy dinosaur and if children like the show they should be free to watch it. If you think a television show character associating with children "promotes pedophilia", then why stop with Barney? Ban Ronald McDonald, Power Rangers, and basically everything children like while you're at it. Banning a purple dinosaur television character will solve NOTHING except make the American people look like they've taken the phrase "political correctness" and used it to represent a bureaucratic sense of justice blown so much out of proportion that even a television show that dares to depict "catching stinging insects" should be destroyed!

  • What? It does not promote pedos

    Just because a dinosaur who is a man spends time with kids it does not mean he is a pedophile. Its pretty sexist to believe that a man hanging out with kids equals rape or molestation. This is why men are afraid to become early childhood educators or work in day cares. A guy cant kiss his baby or hug his child in public without getting odd looks and that's sad! Not all men are pedos! If you think that something is messed up in your head.

    Sexism works both ways.

    Also showing kids doing something wrong and then teaching them not to do otherwise is how tv shows try to install good values in children, not just barney.

  • Why would we?

    The opposing side presented an argument that they have "been shown catching stinging insects." By that logic we might as well ban Tarzan, Born Free, or any other movie that shows humans interacting with potentially dangerous animals. And we might as well ban every movie and TV show because I'm sure at some point, in every movie or TV show, someone has been shown lying, stealing or cheating. I do not watch Barney with Friends, but from when I was a child I remember the context of those things is redeemed through teaching a lesson that one should not steal, or something along those lines. If you want to argue that all TV shows and movies should be banned, that's another topic. However, Barney is not a show that stands out from the immorality portrayed on television.

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