Should we boycott national rifle association ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • NRA kills our children

    NRA does no purpose bring any benefit to our society.All what they concern is only about gaining as much as profit from the gun industry.They advertise people to carry more guns sometimes even without permission.They also provide students to carry guns which cause more school shooting around the country.It's very bad.

  • I think you mean protest not boycott as these semantics obsessed people keep pointing out.

    But yes we should protest them and also stop this whole thing where lobbyist control the governemnt.
    Look up wolf-pac. Their goal is to overturn cotizens united and abolish superpacs. You know, give the power back to the people so that when 90% say we need gum control we get our gun control.

  • I would in favor to boycott

    Nra is a the worse organisation in america because the more you distribute guns the higher risk gun violence would increase.Look at an example in australia since porth arthur shooting there was a gun ban and since then school shooting never happen.In america mass shooting just happen too often it.

  • How can you boycott a special interest group?

    As Krampus has stated, the NRA is a special interest group. They serve two functions: lobbying the federal and state governments on behalf of gun-owning citizens, and providing a forum for firearm enthusiasts, hunters, outdoors men, sport shooters, law enforcement, and anyone and everyone who enjoys guns to come together and share their enjoyment and love of firearms, by way of sharing self-defense tactics, debating this caliber over that caliber round, etc.

    If anything, the NRA is beneficial to our society, as they lobby for American men and women's 2nd Amendment rights, and they bring together people with common interests to share their enjoyment with one another. Also, as the above commentator stated, you can't really boycott a voluntary organization.

  • This makes zero sense.

    The NRA, is a special interest group. They are making precisely $0 from you unless you go out of your way to join them and pay the fees. Most people don't become members unless they already own a firearm (which they didn't buy from the NRA). The NRA just fights for the rights of their members, using money that was voluntarily given to them by people with the same interest. I'm sure most of you who want to boycott them are already not members of them, so you boycotting them changes absolutely nothing. This is just another astounding manifestation of leftist logic at work here...

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Forthelulz says2015-06-22T19:58:36.813
It's funny because there's an ad for the NRA on this opinion when I'm reading it.