Should we boycott oil from Arab nations in opposition to their lack of human rights?

Asked by: Jajon
  • Yes, Stop importing their oil.

    We have nothing to do with Iran so why are we so close with these guys? KSA and the Gulf sheikhdoms are the biggest sources of Islamic terrorism support, And like Iran would like to see Israel destroyed. They also like publicly hacking people up with swords. So why is one bunch of head chopping crazies better than another? No one anywhere (besides China which has no problem with public executions) should be importing this oil.

  • For Arab Nation breaking human rights yes.

    Not all Arab nations break human rights like Tunisia which is fighting to maintain its democracy against the Islamist parties. For countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, And others should be boycotted. Whether it be their laws on women or not giving Palestinian migrants/refuges citizenship for decades these countries refuse to change. I think a boycott will help, But will not make them end these problems while the two biggest powers in the region/religion push extremes of Islam and politics and prop up dictatorships and support/fund revolutions.

  • We should stop importing oil from them.

    The United States has already surpassed saudi arabia as the largest producer of oil and frankly we don't need them anymore because of that. We have tons of oil in the dakotas and off shore drilling in the gulf of mexico and coastal california has given us more oil than the middle east ever had. We shouldn't support SA and other arab nations if they don't have human rights and they are allegedly using our money to fund terrorist groups.

  • Mohammed Mubarak Alkhater

    Violation of Human Rights In UAE, KSA, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, And Bahrain Only.

    Violation of Human Rights Must Be Stop In World, Not In UAE, KSA, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, And Bahrain Only.

    Everyone Must Protect Human Rights Everywhere, And Punish Anyone Who Violate Human Rights.

    If UAE, KSA, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, And Bahrain Continue to Violate Human Rights. They Will Be Punished.

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