Should we boycott Russia (2014 Winter Olympics, vodka) for their anti-gay propaganda laws?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Nazis of russia

    All rounded, pig ignorant imbeciles. How on earth can a westernised country put these kind of laws in place which single out a particular characteristic. Is this not racism? I believe live and let live, we are all different and all unique in our own ways. Please let the world see that everyone should be treated equally

  • Russia is a part of the world, so we should not stay aside

    Russia is not USSR. It claimed to be liberal and democratic but as we know it's not at all. People suffer there from different kinds of opressing their rights and we should help them somehow. LGBT community is not supported much around the world but we should remember that they're human being as well. They're not much different from us, so they have feelings as well and no one is allowed to offend them.

  • Yes and no

    On the surface level, yes, of course we should. However, the issue is a bit more complicated than that. According to an article in Business Week, there are only two companies in Russia that produce the country's vodka. One is state-owned, and it makes and sells Stoli in Russia and a few other countries. The other company, SPI Group, is privately owned and based in Luxembourg. They make and sell Stoli in more than 100 countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada. SPI has recently come out in support of LGBT causes, recognizing that this group is one of their most active consumers. To boycott them, in my eyes, seems somewhat unfair. Private businesses and citizens do not always reflect the attitudes of the government.

    However, I think it is imperative that we boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. I do not see how it is even marginally acceptable to hold a worldwide event celebrating diversity in a place that is openly prosecuting a large portion of their population. While Russia assures the IOC that their anti-gay legislation will not effect those attending or participating in the games, one cannot imagine the climate of fear gay athletes or spectators would have to live in while staying in Russia. It seems unfair to me to put them in that position. A gay friend of mine studied abroad in Russia BEFORE their anti-gay legislation was passed, and she said she felt afraid the entire time she was there. Tragic. While some say that we need to put increased pressure on Russia, rather than boycotting them, I think this comes down to a matter of practicality and the personal safety of those homosexual individuals traveling to Russia for the Olympic Games.

  • Violations of human rights

    There is a rise in violence against the LGBT community in Russia and the government is not doing anything to prevent this and the anti-propaganda law is only reinforcing the hostile attitude towards homosexuality. If Russia wants to be taken seriously as a civilized country they should start taking human right seriously.

  • Olympics bring the world together.

    No we should not boycott Russia. What they are doing is for religious purposes and in the American Constitution we allow religious freedom. Then why would we persecute Russia for expressing their religious beliefs? It seems wrong to do so. Secondly the Olympics brings the world together and allows athletes to compete against each other and to see which nation is the best in the world.

  • Why should we?

    It clearly isn't our business to do so. While we may oppose their beliefs, it seems illogical for "us" to boycott Russia. Will it teach them a lesson? I don't think so. We should try to persuade them to think otherwise, not to take such a childish, puerile measure. I say approach them in apropos intermittently, not revolt against them.

  • They Deserve to Compete!

    They work and train hard for so many hours just for this one thing! It's unfair to them! Not to mention that they have every right to voice their opinions! Heck, if they were to do it again, I'd fly to Russia and help them! America has become too accepting of the wrong things (Gay marriage included) and denied the wrong things (This country literally needs Jesus!). ONE NATION UNDER GOD not ONE NATION DOWN UNDER!

  • The Olympics Are About Unity

    The whole purpose of the Olympics is that they are supposed to transcend petty political squabbles. They are designed so that, for a time, we can set aside our differences and conflicts, and come together as a united species. And that's imperative.

    Besides, it would be quite fitting if a team could get a gay athlete out there and win the gold. Shove that in Russia's face.

  • The Olympics is just too much fun

    Russia's law is ridiculous. I hope they get rid of it. I hope the Russian people get fed up with their government and its power games and stop being a bump of chumps. But the Olympics is just too much fun to watch and for the athletes. And the Olympics helps remind us to be united as humans which will be important when warp drive is hopefully invented a century or so from now. We don't want to all be bickering with each other when we meet aliens.

  • Not a chance

    Despite they countrys stance on 'Gay Rights', the Olympics should be left completely out of it. The Olympics aren't a place for debates and protests. They are a place to come together and watch the top athletes of the world compete for Gold. A place for people to enjoy the warmth and and enjoy themselves.

  • It's NOT anti gay

    The Law prohibits anyone to PROMOTE a gay relationship and a way of life to UNDERAGE CHILDREN. Everyone seems to be taking it the wrong way. You are free in your relationship as long as you leave our children out of it. For someone who doesn't know anything about Russia... There are a lot of gay clubs there including the Caucasus. Before one writes a nasty comment get your facts straight

  • Why only Olympics?

    It seems like a ridiculous line to draw in the sand. We disagree with a lot of policies from different countries but we don't boycott their products. We don't like a lot of Chinese policies, but we will buy their products and take their money. If you want to have a policy like this, it has to go across the board.

  • The law in Russia is not against homosexuality itself.

    It is against propaganda. Advertising an undesirable and harmful behavior (note here I'm talking about attitudes and not persons themselves) as a valid "life style" or "choice", specially if children are targeted (even worse in cases where parental authority is diminished), is not something we should allow as a society. Particularly when there is scientific proof it is harmful.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Stand Up Now!

    The importance is to show Russia that being an individual of LGBT orientation is normal and the rest of the world accepts it by going about the Olympics as normal. We should boycott the export of goods coming from Russia which will have a longer effect on their economy. The Olympics will be there for a short period of time. For me their are ways to make Russia really feel the repercussions on what they are condoning. What better then a slap in the face for a LGBT Olympian to win gold, silver, and/or bronze in their country publicize on National Television?

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