Should we bring back prehistoric life through cloning if we get the opportunity to do so?

Asked by: sodoff
  • BRINGING back prehistoric animals could open a dream Zoo.

    Wouldn't any of these fools saying "we shouldn't", wouldn't any of you want your kids to see this amazing creatures at a Zoo?? We shouldn't release them in the wild, but are you fools really against a Zoo?? This is an amazing opportunity to convince scientist to bring them back and this idiot's are ruining our kids future and others future because their too worried about animals in the wild. THEY ARE FOR THE ZOO YOU FOOLS, YES we want them back.

  • Bring back extinct prehistoric animals but only for research and captivity

    It's good for science as we can understand the dinosaurs (if we ever somehow harvest enough DNA whatever method that may be) and we can understand the instincts of Mammoths.

    It's wrong that we should release them in the wild though as they may breed out of control and destroy the rest of the animals that can't outcompete them. Also it's immoral to keep prehistoric animals as pets. For zoo's and captivity only.

  • We probably killed them, so why not bring them back?

    Humans were most likely the ones that killed off all the ice age mammals, so therefore we should bring them back to make up for our past mistakes. I'm not saying that we should release them all or anything, but wouldn't it be cool to see a herd of ancient buffalo with three foot horns roaming the fields again? Some should be released, some not.

  • Prehistoric animals are amazing!

    I am 13 and nothing would make a smart kid like me happier than to see these beasts before I'm gone. These animals are things only seen in books we could double research already found in days so not only would they be good for study they would be an amazing sight to see. I agree with the fact they would not survive but in the right place or specially designed conditioned based on what the land looked like in their time when we found them. I may be yet a kid but i'm quite smart and i'm sure you would agree with my points so that's what I have to say.

  • I Dont Think So

    The REason I Think No Cause Shmarie POnds Is Playing Ball And Hes Is a God And Not Only That Sponge Bob Still didnt get his driver liscense and it Snowing and pepole is going to the pool so thats why i dont think they should bring back orange juice

  • They could potentially die in our current environment

    Haven't you people heard of pollution? If we bring back prehistoric animals, they could die because of pollution and global warming because most of them were used to cooler environments. I agree that it would be cool to see them in a zoo, but I don't want them to die!

  • They are already dead

    The animals would not be fit for this environment due to global climate change. Global climate change happens naturally and those animals were specifically meant for that specific climate. If they were brought back now, they would completely have to change their customs in such a short time it would not be physically possible.

  • It's not meant to be

    The first commentator already gave some practical arguments, so I won't eleborate on that. My opinion is that we shouldn't bring back what has already been given a chance but failed to endure the forces of evolution (or, in religious terms, to bring back what God has decided to weed out). I think people are meddling too much with nature as it is. As a biologist, I'm all for finding out about how nature works, but whether we should use this knowledge for unnatural things remains to be questioned...

  • We should not bring back extict species.

    Science should not bring back prehistoric life through cloning, even if we have the opportunity to do so.

    There are a few enviromental and moral problems with bringing back prehistoric species.

    Enviromental Problems
    - The prehistoric animals went extict for a reason, for the most part because their enviroment changed faster than the animal could have evolved.
    -Our world temperature and atmosphere compostition would be different that the world that they evolved into, therefore they would not be able to survive in this atmosphere and temperature.
    -They new species could be an invasive species and wipe out some of our current animal populations.

    Moral Problems
    - If we were to bring back a human-like species, like the neandertal, it would not fit in with our modern socitey.
    - The neadertal would be too humanlike that it would be considered immoral to keep him/her in a zoo. On the otherhand he/she would not be advanced enough to live in the same way that we do.

    Last but not least,
    Although fiction, the books of Jurrasic Park and The lost world provide great examples of why extict species should not be brought back to life.

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