• Cause Why Not?

    We should at least try it just in case it actually brings some sort of change in America that might be beneficial. I wholeheartedly believe that people of colour deserve a "safe space" free from the grasps of white oppression. I'm pretty certain that the greatest president of all time Barack Obama would agree with me. I love black people <3

  • No need to.

    Tho many may have little choice of where to live because of financial reasons, Others have chosen to segregate themselves. Looking around the country, We have numerous examples of self segregation. China Town, Little Italy, And Indian reservations. I can see how some people may want to live around people like them as they are more likely to share your same views and culture.
    We should not demand segregation nor would it be legal. With the exception of reservations, You can't legally keep people of other races out of an area regardless of race. If I, As a white person, Wanted to live in China Town, I can but seeing that many of the signs are in Chinese, I might want to learn the language first. If a minority wants to move to a white neighborhood, They are, And should be allowed.

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